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Majin-vegeta1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Man I hope they have some sort of knives and Kunais as weapons I'm a sucker for those :3

@Sith Wow,nice to know.I try to stay away from as much info as i can from this game.

SITH1691d ago

Throwing knives, swords, and other melee weapons are in Destiny.

Septic1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

New Destiny footage oozes Bungie style? I would hope so. They're making the bleeding game! Did you mean oozes Halo style?

Oh wanna play this now. Lost my beta code argh!

AceBlazer131691d ago

This game looks good. I guess the Xbox guyswho jumped over to PS4 this gen are gonna be getting a bit of their Halo fix.

So glad PlayStation is getting that beta access .

thezeldadoth1691d ago

would definitely buy a PC version

thezeldadoth1691d ago

according to n4g, i guess i wouldn't buy a PC version

AliTheSnake11691d ago

You can buy whatever version you want.

Septic1691d ago

Except that this hasn't been confirmed for PC so he can't buy it for that platform :(

Farsendor11691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

k i just hyped for destiny, before these videos i was just thinking ill wait until e3 or user opinions but these videos sold it.

Zombro1691d ago

Kinda unsold if for me

Dark111691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

It look like Halo meets borderlands.

Abriael1691d ago

I'd say Halo meets mass effect. Not sure where you see the borderlands honestly.

etownone1691d ago

I definitely see more Borderlands then Mass Effect.

MidnytRain1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

The weapons and the powers look like something from Borderlands. Anyone who's played the games could probably see how.

kneon1691d ago

That would explain my lack or interest, I've never cared for halo or borderlands. This is one of the few big games I haven't pre-ordered, and the more I see the less interested I become.

Zombro1691d ago

Now I know why they arnt making borderlands 3 because bungie is .

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