Bungie trying to keep Destiny "away from subscription" model

GR-UK writes: "We don't have anything to announce with micro-transactions at this point," said Bungie's Investment Lead, Tyson Green when asked about micro-transactions. "We're concentrating on the core sixty dollar experience; basically trying to keep the game away from needing a subscription or anything like that. It's not something we're really focusing on at all."

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Ps4marksthespotnotX1693d ago

I hope they keep good on there word, because if there one thing that threatens to really bring this next generation down it's subscription fees on games.

Palitera1693d ago

Or 60 bucks for the disc, 15 monthly and a whole lot of MTs.

Volkama1693d ago

I don't think it'll have a monthly sub because that will utterly squash the adoption of the game, and then who would buy all of the "level faster for 1 hour" and "get better chances of good loot for 1 hour" consumables?

Activision are going to milk this sucker for everything they can. They're worse than EA.

AnimeFreak0131693d ago

I agree I'm not whatsoever paying subscription every month just to play the game. Hell I really wanted to play FFXIV but once I found our I have to pay every month I'm like F no.

avengers19781693d ago

I've had this game reserved for awhile, but if the add a subscription, I won't be buying this game. Any game really, I'm not paying subscription fees of 15 bucks a month plus 5$ a month for plus, plus 60 for a game, no thanks.

If it's free I might pay sub, but probably not for that long.

ATi_Elite1693d ago

After teh FIASCO that is Elders Scroll Online and Star Wars The Old Republic, Publishers need to realize that console Gamers do not have a appetite for a Subscription model.

*Only and ONLY on very rare occasions and a high quality product of overwhelming proportions will a subscription model work on the PC.

Consolers being forced to pay to play online, pay $60 for a game and then pay $15 month is just PURE STRONG ARM ROBBERY. Don't let them get away with it.

Massacred1693d ago

Agreed. Time will tell.

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XtraTrstrL1693d ago

I don't like that they say "trying". I'm pretty sure they confirmed in the past they wouldn't do anything like that.

Either way, any of the worst case scenarios are more possible because Bungie went with Activision as the publisher. Activision will surely love to make this their new COD counterpart. With how they treat COD right now, and the horrible anti-consumer way they do things, things can get ugly for Destiny. I just hope they don't force advertise store-items in my game, like in Ghosts. I hate having to scroll through store items I don't own in my menus, Activision sucks ass.

Palitera1693d ago

"We won't do it!"
"We are trying not to do it..."
"Sorry, we had to. #dealwithit"
Bye, Destiny.

MysticStrummer1693d ago

Yeah I don't like the wording either. I thought previously they said there was no sub.

Add a sub fee and instantly kill my desire.

randomass1711693d ago

Can't say I disagree. I couldn't afford a subscription on top of PS+. That's just too much, even for a game that looks as good as Destiny.

Joe9131693d ago

If they have to go with something I hope it is MT not sub.

Ittoryu1693d ago

If this goes subscription ill have to find something else to play. Im not paying 60$ plus 180$ a year to play a damn game.

AnotherGamer1171693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

I play with several gamers on Warframe and we all are looking forward to Destiny. A few of us won't pickup Final Fantasy XIV because of the subscription based model. We look at it this way...

I am paying a monthly subscription for a game and yet I still have to buy the game? I understand there are costs associated with printing discs but not 40 bucks worth (cost of FFXIV). Yes, I know you get a month free, so technically that is a cost of 25 bucks. The cost to mass produce a game on disc can't be anywhere near 25 bucks.

In my opinion, any subscription based game should only cost 10 bucks tops, then add in 1 month of service. So FFXIV should only cost 25 bucks. Skyrim online should only be 25 bucks as well.

So what I am trying to say (probably badly) is that a subscription based model for Destiny will make me rethink my purchase. It will do the same for other folks I know.

MegaRay1693d ago

True, that why I didnt bought ff xiv.
Seriously $40 + 25 a month? No thanks, I rather buy a $60 game that I actually will own it (and will still be cheaper even)

AnotherGamer1171693d ago

Sorry, I meant to say that both FFXIV and Skyrim Online are both 15 a month.

yes, I have heard about the FFXIV "founders" club or whatever it is called that takes the monthly cost down to 13 a month.

rainslacker1693d ago

Subscription costs are more about maintaining the ongoing costs of running the game. Updates, servers, etc. Big MMO's use them for that stuff at least. Not sure where Destiny falls in line content wise. If it's a big MMO in the vein of WOW, then I don't see why a subscription is bad. If it's mission based, like most FPS are, then it seems a bit much unless they are releasing a large amount of content each month for that subscription, which I find unlikely if they think it's possible to maintain on a MT model.

Personally, I avoid subscriptions just because I don't always have the time to invest in a big MMO. My time tends to come in waves. I enjoyed the FFXIV beta, but I don't want to get sucked into an MMO.

If they go go with a subscription model, they should at least give the game away free or cheap. I've never like buy game/pay monthly models.

AnotherGamer1171693d ago

"If they go go with a subscription model, they should at least give the game away free or cheap. I've never like buy game/pay monthly models. "

That is what I was trying to say in my post. Subscription isn't a bad idea, just don't charge me for the game itself. Or if you do then 10 bucks for the game then add on 1 month of service. I believe that is fair.

Volkama1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Look at it this way: In theory your subscription pays for continued development on the game, and for its upkeep. The 2-5 years that the game was in development before it was released? That's what the buy-in price is all about.

Also while printing discs costs next to nothing, distributing discs and allowing retailers to make a profit costs something.

None of that necessarily changes the perspective you have as a customer (and I'm not saying it should) but it isn't as evil a concept as people seem to think.

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