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Ubisoft makes no secret of its intentions to explore categories of gaming experiences that are different from the usual AAA affair. Having offered us slices of Far Cry in a coat of experimentation with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and beaten the Rayman drum with fantastic 2D adventures in the past, Ubisoft has decided it was time to explore even more uncommon ideas with its new half-revival, half new take on the classic 2D RPG genre: Child of Light. While we are undoubtedly excited to see a publisher dip its toes into these waters, it’s now time to find out if Ubisoft’s efforts were worth their while. - See more at:

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toddybad1690d ago

Hmm. Now I don't know what to think after reading that. All sounds brilliant just not sure about the difficulty. Enough easy/can't fail games exist already. Will have to wait for a few more reviews.