New Screen for The Division Shows off Stunning Visuals & Female Protagonist

GoodGameBro writes, "Ubisoft has released a new screenshot for The Division. The image shows off a female and male protagonist walking through a deserted town at night with automatic weapons and gas masks."

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Exies71571d ago

I love me some female protagonists.

avengers19781571d ago

Can't wait to get hands on with this game, looks like it's going to be great.
Hope to see some game play at E3 this year.

theDivision1570d ago

I need to see another stunning 7 minute gameplay trailer! It has been almost a year (a year when E3 comes) since we have gotten a big gameplay trailer and I want to see more!

medman1570d ago

If this game actually looks like this for PS4 it will bring me to tears. But after the tears come the bullets.

Software_Lover1571d ago

I want to use the camera to make my Avatar look like me.


nevertheless, I thought it was a great option in Rainbow Six earlier this gen. It probably won't happen but hey.

toddybad1571d ago

I know I'm getting disagrees galore for this but something about this game just isn't exciting me. I wonder if it's just going to be a pretty COD?

HeWhoWalks1571d ago

It's 3rd person, first and foremost, so I don't see the correlation to COD at all.

OT: Female protagonists are a plus! Too few of them, in my view! The game just continues to look great, too!

theDivision1570d ago

I don't think it can be considered COD... since it's a brand new IP and hasn't been milked by 1000 sequels. Go look online at the information for the game and you'll see. Plus this game allows for cover locking and etc. giving its gameplay a much different experience than COD. Also there is suppose to be a deep and compelling story (Which I haven't found CODs campaign to be remotely interesting since world at war)

Septic1570d ago

How is it like COD? I'm struggling to see where the comparisons can even be drawn.

SuperBlur1571d ago

kind of getting tired of getting sub par hd screens , i want 1080p and see the game in all its glory ! :D

Kevin263851570d ago

Thank you. We updated the original post with the full size image!

Walker1571d ago

I love female protagonists, they always are sexy .

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