Best E3 2014 Rumored Nintendo Announcements

E3 2014 rumored Nintendo announcements? That sounds like music to gamer’s ears. Nintendo has been in a rut and these E3 2014 rumored Nintendo announcements could bring the former fan favorite company out of the gutter. With E3 on the way, what can players expect to see from Nintendo and why?

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TheSuperior 1688d ago

Any of that Pokémon stuff would be amazing

TheUltimateGamer1688d ago

I would love to see some Pokemon announcements! Here's hoping!! Just over a month away :D

ATi_Elite1688d ago

Nintendo needs to BRING their A++ game this E3, one word:


Nothing is MORE Anything else is LESS!

thehobbyist1688d ago

You mean that thing that was confirmed for E3 2014 last year at E3 2013?

maniacmayhem1688d ago

They need to also bring Starfox, a Skylanders type of game using Pokémon, some new IP's and Metroid!

andibandit1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

I hope they show Wii Music 3, and bring bad that drummer guy, who looked like he'd taken too many ecstacy pills.

Retroman1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

any game outside of smash bros,mario,zelda,donky kong, metroid,kirby would be impressive.

im rooting for run an gun,beat 'em up's, space shooters

Agheil1688d ago

I think if they made an open-world Pokémon game, most people here would jump on the Wii U in a flash!

greenlantern28141688d ago

Idk why Nintendo hasn't came out with a pokemon mmo, so many people want that. Zelda, Metroid, and Eternal darkness 2 would all be welcomed IMO

avengers19781687d ago

Just a thought but I don't think Nintendo's online capabilities would allow for an MMO.

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SheaHoff1688d ago

I'm looking forward to more Zelda!

BattleN1688d ago

A rumor states that Retro is helping, working on Zelda, cant wait to find out. Should be quite epic as they've said they want to create a skyrim inspired Zelda and Retro is a western developer that understands the west lol

randomass1711688d ago

Seems like a stretch since Aonuma has been working on this game for a while and Retro finished Donkey Kong early this year or very late last year. But if Retro is helping development then two thumbs way, way up from me.

serratos271688d ago

I'm still rooting for Nintendo. They might not be able to accomplish a complete 180, but it would be nice to see them making a great effort to satisfy their customers, and I'm sure they're more than capable! Looking forward to E3.

TheSuperior 1688d ago

Im still rooting for Nintendo too. Hopefully E3, will satisfy the fans.

LOL_WUT1688d ago

Here's hoping they make it to this years E3 unlike last time where they depended on a Nintendo Direct which didn't really do much. Can't wait to see what new IP's they've been working on and what other known franchises they might bring back. Hopefully a Luigi's Mansion ;)

BattleN1688d ago

I dont attend e3 so I could care less if they have a direct or show to be honest. E3 is good for publicity and they really need it, so they should go all out at e3

N4g_null1688d ago

Only industry is invited to this E3. Also nintendo did have a booth last year and even had a retail event. They just didn't have as many lies to tell as the other two.

The direct was just fine and the follow up direct worked fine also.

If their ads for mariokart breaks thur so will the rest of their line up. The people that don't know about the wiiu will suddenly know about it. All of the games they might have wanted will be out now with even more coming.

I'm sure there will be lots of negative publicity since there enemies are well organized now. If mariokart and smash can break thur it will be a great success once again. The possible ad revenue will win them some friends once more. The ps4 and Xbox will have a drought for a few more months to a year with lots being promised later because we are all learning how to do gpgpu gaming justice.

MilkMan1688d ago

Zelda U
Metroid U
Luigi Mansion U
Act Raiser U
Ill take any of those.
Thank you Nintendo, Oh and ANY new IP's and ANY new games from Platinum.

maniacmayhem1688d ago

Act Raiser U!?!?...*faints*

How incredible would that be! Bring back the sim world feature, updated graphics, that terrific musical score and great use of the game pad.

If they did that sir they would hands down win the U-niverse.

TheLyonKing1688d ago

Nintendo have this tradition of making fantastic triple A games but adding their console name on it like 64, wii and now U.

Stilightly annoying haha

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