See how Microsoft is going Hollywood with Xbox Entertainment Studios

Microsoft announced a bunch television shows today that will debut over time on its Xbox Live online entertainment service. These Xbox Originals will be broadcast on game consoles, PCs, and mobile devices.

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Tolkoto1668d ago

So when do we get a Blinz the Timecat cartoon?

AngelicIceDiamond1667d ago

Lol Blinx The Time Cat series nice.

Btw in case anyone comes in here spewing the same tired argument of "Xbox is not game focused" then I have this for you.

So please save it.

I'll probably check out the first wave of original content coming to the console this summer. If any of it appeals to me.

MasterCornholio1667d ago

Your the only one mentioning it which means trolls will be inspired by your comment. Way to go big guy.


Why o why1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Theres a little irony there. I mean ms said kinect wouldn't impact on core..... what people 'say' and what they 'do' don't always marry up.

Despite you prompting me to say that angelic, I doubt ms will make the same mistake on such a grand scale. They should of learnt from the past year or so what annoys a glut of their fanbase and potential customers. Obviously their initial x1 direction had tv entities right alongside gaming entities but they had to temper the perceived push of one to make sure their core customers weren't feeling left out in the cold. They've started well in terms of output but lets not assume just because they say something can't happen, it cant happen nor preemptively shut down sceptics. Theres form after all. Right now I see no issue with the balance.

AngelicIceDiamond1667d ago

@Master So I can stop the usual suspects from saying the same thing over and over.

They tend to do that.

No prob I just thought those ppl needed a reminder. Minus the trolls.

MasterCornholio1667d ago

If you were a mod you could stop that from happening. But sadly (like me) you will just have to deal with the stupid things that people say and pray that a bubbledown (or a report) will suspend them or get them banned.

FriedGoat1667d ago

When has a bubble down ever banned anyone?
Georgenoob is still here lol.

3-4-51667d ago

* Going Hollywood, doesn't really scream " we are for the gamers" ...

deantak1668d ago

Maybe Clippy will make an appearance?

WeAreLegion1667d ago

It looks like you're trying to make a Halo movie without Master Chief. Would you like help with that?

Sadie21001668d ago

That first pic in the article (not the one here): Is that what the developers look like at Microsoft?

darkronin2291668d ago

Hmm, sounds like they're following the whole Netflix/Amazon route of airing original shows. Could be interesting.

corvusmd1667d ago

Nice to see them branching out some more

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