Ridley Scott 'Halo' digital feature won't feature Master Chief

XMNR: Microsoft unveiled its line-up of original TV programming for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows devices on Monday. It also confirmed not one but two “Halo” projects with the newest coming Ridley Scott and Scott Free Productions. President of Xbox Entertainment Studios Nancy Tellem revealed a little of what to expect for the digital feature in an interview.

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mochachino1639d ago

As one of my favourite gaming characters this news is highly disappointing.

Septic1639d ago

Well I hope its based on pre-reclaimer saga, i.e when the Forerunners were righting against the first breed of humans and the Flood. That story needs to be told! Its too epic not to be translated to TV!

randomass1711639d ago

I'm surprised they've never explicitly done anything with the forerunners save for Halo Legends. I absolutely agree, they should explore that story.

Naga1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Having read the books, I have always felt that one of the big shortcomings of the original Halo trilogy was its failure to truly capitalize on the richness of the Halo universe.

With such great stories to be told, it's great to see such creative minds taking the opportunity to tell them.

Spurg1639d ago

Couldn't agree more.
This shows how Halo is in good hands with 343i.
Halo: Reach disappointed me storywise because it didn't portray the Human-covenant war on reach effectively instead they focus on nobel team's mission.

otherZinc1639d ago

Also, I hope they find missing Spartans. Someone thats read the books said there are 4 or 6 Spartans just out there somewhere...
That would be great.

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cl19831639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Why yes he's also my favorite Character of the series, he isn't the only character with a back story. I believe from this info that possibly Sargent Johnson maybe the lead in this series.



I think that story is folding through the book series.

Septic1639d ago

Yeah Greg Bear's books are brilliant. It would make an epic TV show mind you.

Queasy1639d ago

You know it's going to be Spartan Palmer though...heh.

randomass1711639d ago

I was actually thinking it could have a new spartan entirely, like a couple of the shorts from Halo Legends.

ATi_Elite1639d ago

Sure we would LOVE to have Master Chief in a Halo show but I thinks this adds more flexibility to the stories being told in the long run.

Plus you kinda wanna save Master Chief for the games.

But YES I agree ths does SUCK so hopefully Chief makes many a Special appearance.

randomass1711639d ago

Yeah, unfortunately there is a lot of canon to consider when writing Master Chief into new storylines, so they need to approach it carefully or they could write inconsistencies into the timeline.

cfc781639d ago

That's like making a chease sandwich without the chease.

falviousuk1639d ago

No, its really not

these are Halo short films, not Master Chief short films

Halo is about much more than Master Chief, just because we have seen him in most of the games. Some of the books dont have him in it, or as the main part of the book.

cfc781639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


Interesting to know i always thought master chief was the main guy in the halo universe never read the books not what you'd call a huge fan but i do like to play through the story once followed by a few weeks of multiplayer before im finished with it.

Codey471639d ago

You must be gettin' end of the line chease.

Plain old cheese will do.

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Ittoryu1639d ago

Halo with no master chief= Fail

ThatEnglishDude1639d ago

But ODST had the best campaign in the series (behind the first game)

Tapani1639d ago

I also think that ODST is the best single player Halo game after the Combat Evolved.

PixelNinja1639d ago


Have you seen the animations, novels and comics? They have enough story to stand on their two legs without the help of the Master Chief.

A great example is the 2D animations created by the brilliant ONE; check out the Mona Lisa on youtube.

ThatEnglishDude1639d ago

I'm talking about the games. I've not read/seen any Halo content outside of the games. I don't really care for it too much to be honest.

Clown_Syndr0me1639d ago

Good, there's alot more to the Halo Universe than Master Chief.

Mikefizzled1639d ago

To be fair Forward Unto Dawn was doing fine without Chief and then the door was broken down, he appeared, I nearly squealed with Joy.

Dudebro901639d ago Show
DaleCooper1638d ago

It's true my comment wasn't well thought out, it was just my first reaction. This news is like what they're doing with comic book series television. Like a Batman series without Batman (Gotham) and a marvel series without the marvel superheroes (Agents of SHIELD.) It's just boring and not what the masses want. Well, at least, not what I want.

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