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From the preview: "I wish I had some more time to explore as there was still quite a bit I didn’t get a chance to do, plus I really enjoyed the story and wanted to see more of it. That’s saying something coming from a gamer who only gets a half-hour into Grand Theft Auto games before he gets bored to the point he starts blowing up cars for fun."

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finito821694d ago

nice preivew, makes me more excited.

Farsendor11694d ago

going to make a quick comment on the article summory imo gta has never had good stories, that is why i dont buy gta. heck that is why i think sleeping dogs is better than gta because it has the better story.

comment on the preview

of course ubisoft wasnt expecting the reaction they got, i wasnt expecting a game like this from them i know they do open world games brilliantly, this one could be their biggest one and im excited to play it at the end of may.