MLB 14 The Show: Features & Enhancements

GoodGameBro writes, "Gamestop has released another MLB 14 The Show video this morning with over five minutes of new footage showing off new features and enhancements in the PS4 version of MLB 14 The Show."

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1695d ago
3-4-51694d ago

Whenever i get a PS4, this will be the 1st or 2nd game I get, depends it Destiny is released by then.

Muzikguy1695d ago

I have never bought a baseball game before. The past few years I've been going to a lot of games and watching more on TV. I'm actually excited for this game and will probably be getting my first ever baseball game. It's sad, I know!

Wescyde1695d ago

Its ok I have not had a baseball game for a long time, So i am i the same boat. They started to just get too boring for me. I am thinking about picking this game up. It just looks so good.

Skate-AK1695d ago

I don't like to watch baseball at all. Don't know any of the players. Bought MLB13 and still had a lot of fun with it.

psplova1695d ago

2 things: 1) where's the giant arch mowed into Busch Stadium's outfield? and 2) why the HELL doesn't the crowd go after home runs in the PS4 version, but do in the PS3 version!?!? It's little details like this that bother me...

GhostTurtle1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

3. As someone stated in the youtube commments, Andrelton Simmons has his mlb 13 face, which wasn't his real face. Yet the ps3 version of 14 has his real face. Hopefully they can patch this.