Bungie's Destiny Gets a Spectacular Trailer; Shows the Sparrow Bikes in Action

A new trailer for Destiny was released just before the big embargo drop that will unveil plenty new information and gameplay footage. The trailer comes from an unexpected source, GameStop, that will offer an exclusive “Upgraded Sparrow” shrike to those that will preorder the game at the retailer.

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PockyKing1664d ago

"Spectacular" huh.

Anyways cool looking location, looking forward to seeing more.

Crazay1664d ago


Not exactly "spectacular" but looks sharp.

Septic1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

These retailer specific bonuses do my head in. It was annoying with Halo 4, it'll be even more annoying with Destiny. I mean, why should someone get a faster Sparrow simply because they ordered it from a specific retailer?

This looks remarkably like Halo (not a bad thing at all imo)- At 0:29 it actually looks like Master Chief riding the Sparrow (aka Ghost)!

randomass1711664d ago

@Septic Well, it IS from Bungie! :P It's nice to see their creative style put into a brand new universe.

CyborgMonkee1664d ago

Yeah that was pretty underwhelming, stand by for some serious spectacular Dorito & Mountain Dew partnerships come E3.

I almost forgot Activation were behind the marketing for this game. Still trusting Bungie to produced a top quality game though.

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FlunkinMonkey1664d ago

So basically roof riding a small ship from Wipeout?

Smitty20201664d ago

Is this the announcement?

bleedsoe9mm1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

MMO mounts for preorders ?

NiteX1664d ago

No the game has "MMO mounts" for everyone. When you preorder you just get a slightly faster "MMO mount" than those who don't preorder.

randomass1711664d ago

You could go with worse preorder bonuses I guess. At least it won't unfairly and drastically change the game for those who don't pre-order.

JsonHenry1664d ago

I've heard of pay to win. But pre-order to win? This last 5-7 years of gaming has got a lot right but a lot wrong as well.

Muadiib1664d ago

I agree, Wildstar also has an exlusive hover mount and I really don't like it, unless you can earn said mount in game at some point, then I'm fine with it.

lex-10201664d ago

Everyone gets mounts. The Red Sparrow is just slightly faster.

Twilightx71664d ago

In this case, pre-orders are getting a paint job that's exclusive until 1/1/15, and are getting speed and performance enhancements to their Sparrow that can be attained through normal play anyhow. It's a quick shortcut for starter players that likely won't be useful past the first couple hours of gameplay. Not exactly "pay/pre-order to win".

JsonHenry1664d ago

Any in game boost is covered by the term "pay to win". Welcome to 2014.

Twilightx71664d ago

Tell me, what exactly are you "winning"? A speed competition with your friends? You got to objective A 5 seconds faster than your fire team did? Congratulations, if that's winning in your gaming world, it's a sad place. Don't get your panties in a twist over the equivalent of an aesthetic item.

randomass1711664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Wait, isn't Destiny a coop game with primarily gun combat? Why would having a souped up speeder with higher acceleration provide any unfair advantages when there isn't even any racing as far as we know?

lex-10201664d ago

That's exactly the point. It's not. It's just means that you can get around faster. Maybe after like 20 or 30 hours that extra 5 seconds you save can equate to a bonus level in grinding but its seriously not that useful.

Abriael1664d ago

The trailer says that all the functional parts of the bikes can be acquired vua in-game methods.

It's small print, but it's there.

Spinal1663d ago

How is a slighty faster mount pay 2 win? It doesnt help you get weps unlocks or levels. It doesnt help you kill things its just a means for transportation which everyone gets in game anyway.

I hate pay 2 win but I know what REAL pay 2 win is and this isnt it.

Pay 2 win is selling Weps/Armor which provides a CLEAR advantage in the game to people who dont spend that money.

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Meltic1664d ago

6 pm 2 new gameplays and 1 trailer is coming

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