Nintendo E3 Predictions Part 1: Pokémon NFC Game To Be Announced

Mike from Mii-gamer:

E3 2014 is almost upon us! Well recognized as the biggest gaming event of the calendar year - it is a little worrying that Nintendo has not announced their plans for E3. The question in most individual's minds is whether Nintendo will be hosting a Conference or streaming a Direct like last year. Nevertheless, let's pray Nintendo takes the right path.

Nintendo has confirmed a few tidbits about their E3 showcase during the investor meeting in January. A key point that Iwata made during his presentation was the commitment to showcase the NFC functionality of the Gamepad with multiple proposals.

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BattleN1662d ago

Dat screenshot looks awesome and I'm not even a pokemon fan ={

Chrischi19881661d ago

Yes, seems like a cool idea, to use NFC to actually make your pokemon appear. Maybe you have to buy them, like in booster packs, like with the Trading Card Game back in the days :)

maniacmayhem1661d ago

This has to happen. Pokémon is a gold mine and it's a no brainer to go the Infintiy and Sklanders route with such a popular franchise.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing1661d ago

Prediction no pokemon game for Wii u

GenericNameHere1661d ago

How's that Pokémon Rumble U going along? Oh wait, it's not doing gangbusters like Skylanders or Disney Infinity.

tweet751661d ago

a mario galaxy HD compilation, and a zelda game for wii u...a new super mario game for 3ds.....a "glimpse" of a new handheld or home console those are my predictions