Child of Light Review [Nintendo Enthusiast]

Nintendo Enthusiast: "Child of Light ended up being greater than my wildest expectations. The gameplay is exceptional, the story beautiful. The visuals are beyond words and the music is no different. But most importantly, these elements came together to deliver an experience unlike any other, one that took me on a journey through through the land of Lemuria that I will never forget. Child of Light is why I love games."

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thezeldadoth1399d ago

i'm gonna get this on wii-u rather than PC this time

porkChop1399d ago

Damn. Glad I preordered for my PS4, seems like it'll be a great game.

NatureOfLogic_1399d ago

I preordered for PS4 also. Looking forward to playing this soon.

danowat1399d ago

15-20 hours?, sounds a little short for a JRPG inspired game?.

Don't get me wrong, looks amazing, and sounds like a great game, I guess I just expected it to be a bit bigger?

DemonChicken1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Length of reasonable for this type of game

Plus price is very reasonable/good for that amount of gameplay in comparison to like MGS GZ, i.e. it is cheaper that Ground Zeroes

Farsendor11399d ago

perfect completion time for a side scroller.

DiscoKid1399d ago

The only JRPG aspect of the game is the battle system.

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