Why Don't More Games Tackle Sexuality?

Today on Friends List, Deputy Reviews Editor Phil Kollar and Reporter Megan Farokhmanesh ask: Why don't more games tackle sexuality?

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xer01667d ago

Agreed... why should it?

Now that video games have become mainstream, they are under even more scruitiny, from the prudish press that are making sex or violence an issue.

spartanlemur1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Because like it or not, it's actually a HUGE part of human life. I mean what did prehistoric man do other than hunt and breed?

I would expect that the only reason a gamer might not support it, when done in a mature/artistic way is due to immaturity or that they don't play thougt-provoking/artistic games. The former is fair if you're a child, and the latter if you're just someone who plays CoD/FIFA, but for others, this is for some reason proving to be a huge barrier holding the industry back from joining the religiously liberated second decade of the 21st century.

Perhaps now isn't the time and we should wait until the US government has more gamers among its ranks, but we must overcome thus barrier to grow up as a medium.

MysticStrummer1667d ago

The real reason is money.

An R rated movie generally has less earning potential than PG-13 or lower, and the same goes for an M rated game. There are exceptions in both cases of course.

thejigisup1666d ago

I now demand a game where the protagonist is early man and you're on a quest to hunt And breed. Call it... Cromagnum.

SilentNegotiator1667d ago

When it's shown that sexuality makes a compelling gameplay element (and I mean sexuality itself, not relationships), I'll care that there's a "lack" of sexuality in games.

rextraordinaire1667d ago

Have you played Shin Megami Tensei games?

They're full of sexual subjects that are wisely used for character development.

SilentNegotiator1667d ago

But is the sexuality itself a gameplay element or a story element? Are you actually doing sexual things that require user input?

randomass1711667d ago

God of War had the sex mini-games I guess. I like having sexuality as a plot device when you used well, and a lot of story driven games are able to do it well. But as a gameplay device? Not so sure myself. Never even thought about how that could work.

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AgentSmithPS41667d ago

Why not? Every day in games humans kill each other in various ways, tens of thousands of bodies pile up over the months, hundreds of thousands for the better players.

It's about time adults can get adult versions of games with some kind of age verification system. If you're happy playing a lesser version of a game made to make the company rich by targeting kids that's fine. If you don't like it don't play it, but don't go forcing your prudish nonsense on others.

Thanks for the laugh, 'nemo', it's fitting that a children's movie character is against sexuality in games.

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ft3nemo1667d ago

It seems to me that is the Yankee Americans that have this massive issue with anything considered sexy and yet guns aren't really given much of a second thought on games at all.

KonsoruMasuta1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Yes, let us put all Americans into one group because the opinions of a few.

Edit: Did I really get disagrees? You guys think it's okay to put all Americans into one group even though there are many that don't have a problem with sexual content?

Well, that's N4G for you.

spartanlemur1667d ago

You're right, and I'm British, so unbiased on this. FOX News, retailers who refuse to stock AO games and, to some extent, Sony, Microsoft and Steam are the problems (for restricting such games on their platforms; though steam is making strides through closing the gap between dev and buyer)

We need to campaign as an international lobby group to make the controversy about such content in games a controversy in itself. Boycotting FOX when it puts out slanderous reports, drumming up online support when an issue takes place (to hopefullu get mentioned in rival newspapers) and just generally ruining the PR of these companies when an issue arises.
The first step, pf course, is for brave, pioneering indie devs to include more mature sexual content in their games such that this controversy can arise, and we can retaliate.

SilentNegotiator1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Yes, clearly the issue is that FOX, as they are the only ones that report on these things in such a manner and FOX **NEVER** gets scrutiny.


Your "unbiased" British view seems to be comprised of a generic understanding of American culture. You're certainly right that game makers need to just push through with whatever material fits their games, but the blame is certainly earned by more than generic punching bag, Fox. (No, I'm not a fan of FOX, but it gets really old seeing them get all of the blame for something that a lot of media, leaning on both sides of the political spectrum, have earned - this is a CULTURAL issue, not just a media issue)

No offense, but the British in general spend a lot of time on the internet pretending to understand US culture and simply don't. It really needs to stop.

Fishy Fingers1667d ago

It's their constitutional right to own an AR. Guns don't kill people, boobs do.

Reeze1667d ago

I was agreeing with you until I realized you were being sarcastic.

SilentNegotiator1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Infinitely more people are killed by handguns than assault rifles in the US. There's a reason that many countries restrict handguns more than rifles.

TekoIie1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


This isnt a laughing matter. We must remain watchful of this new terror lest it consume us all:

incendy351667d ago

American ratings do rank sex higher than violence for sure. We aren't the worst though, Middle Eastern territories have us beat hands down.

KonsoruMasuta1667d ago

Forget it. There is no convincing some people.

Apparently, you can't have your own opinion. According to these people your opinion is based on a vocal few in your population. Just because some "Yankee Americans" have a problem with sexuality, you must have one too.

DJustinUNCHAIND1667d ago

I, too, love sweeping generalizations.

SilentNegotiator1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

"yet guns aren't really given much of a second thought on games at all"

Obviously you have zero experience with American media. VG violence is just as demonized by the media (if not more) than sexuality.

It's funny how many pseudo American culture buffs there are on the internet.

king_george1667d ago

Lol everyone thinks we all weigh 500 pounds and eat nothing but McDonalds all day in our big ol' SUV's haha.

ft3nemo really exposed his ignorance

SilentNegotiator1667d ago

"ft3nemo really exposed his ignorance"

As well as all of the people agreeing with him.

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incendy351667d ago

It is a good question. Mass Effect was the first game that I played that really hit that topic head on in a way that felt personal. More games should tackle it, it is a strong tool in connecting with players and telling a story.

SquidBuck1667d ago

you can tell a perfectly good story without sex.

incendy351667d ago

True, but you can't say it isn't a powerful tool in developing complex relationships in storytelling.

I am not saying it is meant for all games, but it is definitely a powerful way to engage the player.

kayoss1667d ago

Yes you can, if the story and plot does not revolve sex. But if a story deal with relationship and sex in general how are you suppose to convey your story so that the audience can understand? What you want them to do, during an intimate scene the screen will go black and a message comes up and say "Do not disturb" or "Please use your imagination". Video games are stories just like movies.

stavrami-mk21667d ago

hmmm not sure on that .where would i be without a mario brother turning up to fix the washing machine only to get dragged into cleaning the gutters

levian1667d ago

I get enough stories with sex in TV and movies. Most of the time it is completely unwanted. Watching Vikings, all of a sudden there is all this drama between girlfriends, people finding girlfriends... I don't get why, you don't need relationship drama in a flipping show about Vikings! Completely unexpected and unwanted.

That's how I feel about adding relationships in games. I enjoy games for fun gameplay first, a good story second, and for roleplaying relationships never.

AgentSmithPS41667d ago

If you're sensitive about sex I'm sure they'd include an option to turn it off.

Variety is the spice of life, why remove a part of life just because some people might get butthurt?

randomass1711667d ago

@kayoss I'm pretty sure he understands that and was saying we should be open-minded about what plot devices are used in the game industry. And I agree, I would like to see more heavy social topics tackled in video games. I've even played RPGs that deal with the religion vs. science debate. So we shouldn't we embrace sex as a potential plot device? There are great films that do have sex and great ones that don't. Gaming can have both as well.

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DCfan1667d ago

FFX had one of the strongest relationships between Yuna and Tidus, yet didn't involve sex in any kind of way.

SquidBuck1667d ago

I just don't get why people want sex in videogames. It's completely unnecessary. If you want to see sex watch porn.

Fishy Fingers1667d ago

You could say the same for tv or movies. If it fits the story, serves a purpose what harm can it do.

Porn is not "sexuality", it's porn.

AgentSmithPS41667d ago

Who are you to say it's unnecessary, many people would like sex and nudity in their games. I have good porn but I still like to see some nice boobs and attractive women in my games. Rather than have a furry diaper in Oblivion I downloaded some nude mods etc and as far as I know the world wasn't destroyed because of this.

If it happens in real life adding it to a game can make a game even more immersive and that's a good thing for most people, if you're sensitive to certain things they can include sex/gore filters for you.

randomass1711667d ago

I don't know. Video game nudity kind of weirds me out. It's like looking at a mannequin that's trying to convince me it's sexy. That being said I don't mind people doing that in games because it's a creative medium. More people should be encouraged to do what they want with their characters, provided it's not hateful or in bad taste.

mixelon1667d ago

Im all for more sexuality in games if it's handled sensibly. It's part of life, and absolutely has a place in games as it does books and literature.

I'm a bit surprised it doesnt get more focus in horror games particularly, sex & death are often so intertwined in other mediums, simetimes to great effect.. Not so in games, generally.

rextraordinaire1667d ago

Yeah, main exception to that would be Catherine, who played somehow on the bizarre relationship between sex and death.

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