Here’s How Minecraft Would Look Like in CryEngine 2

Minecraft is famous for its simplistic and out-dated look, so it’s interesting to see how the transition would work.

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kaiserfranz1639d ago

Many games would undoubtedly look a lot better in CryEngine...

1639d ago
randomass1711639d ago

I now want to see the original F.E.A.R. in CryEngine.

shivvy241639d ago

hell even ps1 games look better

Alexious1639d ago

Than Minecraft? Well yeah.. I wonder if they'll ever make a release with proper graphics.

Elwenil1639d ago

Minecraft does have "proper" graphics. It was never meant to have mind-blowing graphics and is an excellent example of how design and gameplay can make a great game and graphics be damned.

Don't get me wrong, great graphics are awesome to see and experience but if a game was never intended to have them, how could one say it doesn't have "proper" graphics?

randomass1711639d ago

Minecraft's graphics are an art style. A PSOne could never even begin to run Minecraft because of how big the generated worlds are.

Salooh1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Why disagree ?. It's true. He's not saying it's sucks. But the graphics need to look better. They are getting a lot of money . So they should upgrade. Graphics is not everything but it's important if they can do it and they do.

Elwenil1639d ago

You are missing the point. The graphics don't look that way because they don't have any money to do better. They look the way they do because that is the way it was designed. It's a question of style.

Besides, if you don't like the look of the original graphics, you can use texture packs and mods to change it quite a bit, at least with the PC version anyway.

Salooh1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

We are not saying change the art and design. Just make it look pretty at morning and creepy at night. Something look good when you play it. This graphics won't harm it's unique feeling. It will be the same vision but pretty.

odderz1639d ago

Surely no-where near enough Bloom in that video? And where's the filters to make it look more gritty and realistic?

Berenwulf1639d ago

The problem is minecraft doesn't want to look like this. And it doesn't need to look like this to be successful as we already know.

randomass1711639d ago

It could be either way I think. There are some mods to make the game look closer to this, and that should be up to the discretion of the player. As long as it has the massive 3D world, blocky grid-like game mechanics and overall design, I think it looks like Minecraft by definition.

WeAreLegion1639d ago

Quick tip for the author:

"Here’s How Minecraft Would Look in CryEngine 2"

"Here’s What Minecraft Would Look Like in CryEngine 2"

Both are acceptable, but don't combine them. I'm just trying to help.

Nocando1639d ago

I am not sure if Minecraft would be any more enjoyable if it were prettier, but it sure looks cool. I want to see something really old like Syphon Filter in Cryengine 3, that would be awesome.

Thanks, that title was driving me bonkers. And you get disagrees. Sorry but the grammar was hideous and inexcusable for even a 3rd grader.

WeAreLegion1639d ago

Again, everyone, I was trying to be helpful. What's wrong with you people?

micx1639d ago

Thanks for pointing that out. That's a rather trivial mistake, but it happens to non-native speakers from time to time.

randomass1711639d ago

This community can be screwy sometimes. They should probably change or just get rid of the agree and disagree buttons.

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