Six Games You Must Play on PC

PC gaming is expensive as compared to console gaming but it also has lots of advantages over console gaming such as you got more control over your gaming experience you can upgrade PC any time you want, like you can change/upgrade CPU, GPU, RAM, and HDD, you don’t have to wait for several years for console manufacturers to release new hardware like Xbox One, Wii U and Playstation 4.
Games released for PCs, have better graphics then consoles, Plus console-like gamepads and joysticks are compatible, depending on the game.

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sparrowknight1693d ago

Playing Dark Souls II....... Fuking Op

ATi_Elite1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Dark Souls is more of a console game ported to PC.

Remove Dark Souls and add an Honest to goodness PC game like STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl.

you haven't experienced Atmospheric Gaming until you are deep in the Zone at night, low on ammo, down to your last meat ration or bottle of vodka, with the sounds of a Bloodsucker lurking about.

Combine LOL and Dota2 since they are the same Genre and add Oh I Don't know.....maybe HALF LIFE 2 or Guild Wars or Battlefield 2 or Natural Selection 2 yeh I'll go with Natural Selection 2 because a TRUE FPS - RTS game is very competitive and fun.

TXIDarkAvenger1693d ago

Never played any of the Dark Soul games yet.

anticlimax1692d ago

You will know within the first half hour whether it's your kind of game. They should really have a demo of some kind (do they?).

pickmyfix1693d ago

you should try both Dark souls 1 and 2 they are worth playing.