Working Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout built for NASA challenge

Joystiq: "A fully functional Pip-Boy 3000 has emerged from the vault of Team Reno, a five-member group of people way, way smarter than Joystiq. The device can display relative humidity, altitude, latitude and longitude, atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature, object temperature and of course, radiation levels."

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Hellsvacancy1419d ago

I'd wear it......... as well as the Brotherhood Of Steel Power Armour

I could just imagine walking into my local Tescos

1419d ago
cfc781419d ago

Thats so awesome i want 1,i think you'd end up in a straight jacket walking into tesco like that but who knows i have seen stranger things in tesco lol.

SnakeCQC1419d ago

lol don't forget to mod your back pack with unlimited space

contradictory1419d ago

yeah, it makes the looting alot better.. i hate having to travel to merchants every time the inventory gets full just waste of time

Tetsujin1419d ago

I'd buy one, help monitor health and the environment easier.

TheSaint1419d ago

Man I hope they got V.A.T.S. working right!