What does the Mass Effect Trilogy Coming to Next-Gen Consoles Really Mean?

Twinfinite writes:

"Recently, rumors have been washing around the internet that Bioware is considering bringing the original Mass Effect trilogy to the PS4 and Xbox One. With the recent news of PS4 and Xbox One versions appearing on online retailer Zmart’s website, this rumor seems to be slowly making its way toward reality. Still, while remakes and ports are becoming common nowadays, it appears that there is something special about this one. What does it all mean” Here are a couple tricks I think Bioware and EA are hiding up their sleeves."

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

It means they saw other devs doing it and decided they wanted in on the cash grab. The problems is it won't work for them. No one is gonna replay those games just cuz they're higher rez now. Injustice, Tomb Raider, The last of us. Those games are relatively new and were really just getting Ultimate editions with all the dlc added. There were already Ultimate editions and goty editions of the mass effect games. You can only rerelease a product so many times.

Ittoryu1695d ago

Agreed there would have to be some big changes and added content before I would drop anywhere close to even 40$ on this just because its on next gen. The next I buy will be Watch Dogs period.

Spinal1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

I played Mass effect 1 an loved it on my 360 back when it first came out. Played like an hour of number 2 an fell out of love with the franchise.

If they bring the whole trilogy to PS4 then yes I will definitely buy it and play through it. I've been wanting to play the first one again anyway and it will be time to complete the 2nd and play the 3rd.

Ittoryu1695d ago

I'm sorry your about to be disappointed again.

CyborgMonkee1694d ago

I don't understand all of the negativity towards these re-releases. From a companies perspective it is a cheaper easier way to gain some extra money, they are a business, this is a good business decision. Although Mass Effect was a multiplatinum game I'm sure there are some folks who haven't experienced the trilogy and this is a perfect opportunity to do that.

The controversy comes with the pricing of these games. If the company wants to charge full price for 2+ year old games then there needs to be substantial improvements for the purchase to be worth it. If this isn't the case, don't worry! You can choose not to buy the game, which I 100% expect people to do because when we buy half assed ports (especially from companies such as EA) that is when we start to see over saturation of money grabbing, low quality re-releases. This isn't good for the industry.

MohammadAdam1695d ago

I would gladly pay for ME Trilogy with all the DLC added. One more playthrough.

Kurisu1695d ago

I haven't played any of the games, only a demo of ME2 on PS3. So I'd probably buy this on PS4 if it released as it would be a totally new experience to me.

ceedubya91695d ago

Me too. I'm all-in if this actually happens.

randomass1711694d ago

Given how they priced the trilogy on last generation consoles, I wouldn't be surprised if they were $40, maybe $50 for the current generation ones. Really kind of a steal given how the older games were $60 a piece at launch.

Blaze9291695d ago

It means no backwards compatibility this gen was maybe more so a business move than technical

porkChop1695d ago

No, it was definitely technical. At least for the PS3.


Usually if they seriously wanted to bring those old games back they would find some way round the problem... like they use to.

It feels like they are not even trying and now it's easy to see why.

Release old content, up the resolution a bit and charge full whack for it!!.

Personally I don't really know why someone who missed playing the games last gen would all of a sudden feel compelled to want to play them now. I think it's just "shiny Object" syndrome. No matter how old, crap, cash grab etc because it's "New" again, people will just feel compelled to buy it.

I think it's just sad because it takes resources away from maybe coming up with new and better games, but if people are happy to buy it, hell who I am I say otherwise.

I fell out of love with ME more then any other game last gen. It's the last game I would consider buying again from all the games I played last gen.

qu1ckset1695d ago

I loved mass effect, and will buy this if graphics are improved , if not I will pass! I have me2 and me3 on PC!

Second Fav RPG , next to my all time fav KOTOR 1&2

user95970821695d ago

My decision to replay the series again is totally based on the fact that it'll be in higher resolution and that I haven't purchased any dlc for the last two games. This'll be a no brained for anyone in my camp.
All goes to show that remakes are only a problem when EA does it. Not to say they are nt the worst company ever but no one bat an eye when naughty Dogs announced the Last of Us port.

elninels1695d ago

Maybe our data will have some effect on mass effect 4.

1695d ago
ATi_Elite1695d ago

What does the Mass Effect Trilogy Coming to Next-Gen Consoles Really Mean?

NOT MUCH because I think they will still make a X360 and PS3 version thus holding back the possibilities.

Scrivlar1695d ago

I'm going to play the shit out of them

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Naga1695d ago

It means we aren't getting backward compatibility any time soon.

Fishy Fingers1695d ago

You won't see any backwards compatibility. Closest will be a digital streaming service like PS Now. So you get the pleasure of replaying your games, for a fee.

Summons751695d ago

for a fee is exactly the problem with psnow. Why do I need to pay a fee for backward compatibility?

randomass1711694d ago

I could have sworn someone told me that you had the option to either pay the fee for the entire library or you could pay for individual games. Has that not been announced?

Lilrizky1695d ago

I would much rather playing a game with a higher resolution and remastered than just a backwards compatible port. After playing windward HD, shadow of colossus and halos anniversary I'll never go back to the originals

pkb791695d ago

Except the original ps3 had a great upscaler. Ff xii, Rouge Galaxy and other games that came out for PS2 around that time looked amazing on the PS3.
But why put in backward compatibility when you can resell your old titles at marked up prices? Its not like your going piss off your original customer base who have been buying PS games for almost 20 years and now never buy new games and simply wait for the inevitably price drop or PS+ 'freebie'.

OrangePowerz1695d ago

It means there will be a remaster of the ME trilogy for PS4 and X1.

rawshack1695d ago

Let me be the first to say I will buy it

Fishy Fingers1695d ago

Rather see the resources put into something new. But hey, it's an easy way to make some cash I suppose.

Lilrizky1695d ago

I doubt the main team would spend their resources on it, if anything they'll outsource a different team to port it like ME3 for Wii-U

F4sterTh4nFTL1695d ago

Mass Effect Trilogy is already on PC. I am sure it would not take much effort to port it to PS4 & Xbox One.

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