Shut Up and Take my Money; My Love/Hate Relationship with HD Remakes

Now at the dawn of the PS4/XBONE era I find myself buying FFX HD to play on my Vita, I see Okami HD on the PSN Store and the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection sitting on my shelf and I feel conflicted. One part of me is happy that I can now play the games that I missed out on, games that I probably wouldn't have fully understood at the time and games that I probably would have lost interest in when they got complicated or were no longer the flavour of the month among my friends. The other part of me is sad that these HD remakes are all that remains of the great gaming franchises that used to revolutionise with every game rather than disappoint.

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KinjoTakemura1667d ago

So when a game is released on multiple platforms no one utters a word, but when a game like Tomb Raider or The Last Of Us gets an upgrade ten thousand cry babies wake up in their cradles? I do understand some are upset because they own multiple platforms and usually have to end up spending more money to get the best version of a particular game, but all others, whining about developers making HD remakes and remasters of games instead of making new games, you really need to stop and think about what you're saying. It's stupid. Spiderman is about to come out on multiple platforms, will you whine about the time spent creating multiple versions of the same game? Get a life!!!

hello121665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I'm all right with remakes as long as its not overdone. I think its stupid for any x box fan to hate on the last of us been redone for the PS4. It was A well received game with good reviews why not bring it back for the the PS4?

Deadpool1011665d ago

To be honest xbox fans are the ones most likely to buy the Last of Us remake. Well the xbox fans who jumped ship to PS4. Remember out of the 80+ millions PS3's out there the game only sold about 6 million copies (I think, could be wrong) so the remake is a great way to sell it to those new to the sony fold. Also Xbox fans should be quiet as they are gonna get the Halo 2 remake this year so both systems are as bad as each other. Besides no one forces you to buy them