Diversity In Gaming: A 20-Something White Male Perspective

Sean Davies from Jill Sandwich writes: I feel very fortunate. I am white, was born into a middle class catholic family and attended excellent schools and colleges. Looking back, I have lived in a bubble of invisible privilege my entire life. Of course, I know this bubble exists. I know that outside of my circle of appanage, people are subjected to racism, sexism and all manner of discrimination and prejudice – but I have never been subjected to it. I have never been stopped driving my car. I have traveled all over the globe and I have never been stopped or searched in an airport. I know I am treated differently than others who come from a different back ground.

I also feel fortunate that I have been able to amass a brilliant group of friends that come from a wide variety of backgrounds that all share the same interest – gaming. It is a part of all of our lives and we talk about it every single day. We often debate, bemoan and discuss gaming for hours on end and diversity is a topic that comes up time and time again. Every time a site publishes the news that a game will not have a playable female character, we rage about sexism. Each time another new game is announced with a caucasian main character with a stubbly beard, wearing a dirty t-shirt, we lament the lack of representation of other races and cultures. We have had numerous discussions about ageism in gaming. The general consensus among my circle of friends is that even though slow progress is being made, the industry still has copious scope to offer more positive cultural representation and diversity – a sentiment that I echo myself, but for different reasons.

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