John Carmack Developing Virtual Reality Comic Book Store

VRFOcus - Legendary videogame developer and Oculus VR’s Chief Technology Officer John Carmack has revealed that he is developing a virtual reality (VR) comic book store. Carmack didn’t reveal much about the project, which would presumably work with the Oculus Rift VR headset that he works on full-time, but did suggest that the idea was born from a recently-launched initiative from Marvel Comics.

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brich2331692d ago

Yes, but first we get facebook in VR since facebook bought it.

silenius1692d ago

Who wants to bet, that after he makes this comic VR Comic Book store thingy, he will sell it for $$$ to Amazon (recent buyer of ComiXology)...

He is more than welcome to make this VR store, who knows it might be badass
but I'm a die hard fanatic of physical copies, so I will stick to them.

starchild1692d ago

What's the problem? Sounds like it could be a cool experience. VR isn't limited to just one thing. I personally want to use VR for lots of different things beyond just gaming.

hay1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I wonder what demography it targets, all those people who love to read on digital screens? I can agree with phones or tablets, when degree of artificial light is around 10% tops, but VR with 100%?
I have years of doubtful "experience" working with necessity of staring on multiple screens occupying more than 50% of sight field, one would think it's a matter of being used to them, but my eyes still f*cking die a bit in pain with each passing day and there's no way in hell I'd spend more time, soon with 100% artificial light bombarding those poor eyes.

But then again, I hope this project is just a transition phase, I fail to justify Carmack's skills to do something as trivial as VR comic book store...

wallis1692d ago

Holy fucking shit yes. As someone who suffers from motion sickness and migraines I have nothing to give VR but a giant middle finger. I have to constantly adjust brightness and contrast as it is to avoid being knocked out with a Mt Rushmore scale headache, and strapping the damn computer monitor to my eyeballs is not what I'd consider 'the future'.

And a VR comic book store? Eurgh I can't imagine a bigger waste of time. A strip club would be better.

BIB1692d ago

Welp at least John Carmack is trying to put practical use to the OcuFace deal...Might be a pretty cool concept if done with the right implementation.

TheObserver1692d ago

Seems like a redundant way to read comics. Nobody in their right mind would spend $300 for a peripheral to read comics. This is coming from me, a guy who spend $2000 on a gaming PC.

Unless you are somehow transported and feel yourself present in the comic world, I will not be impressed.


The OcuFace deal have killed my pure optimism and replaced it with cynicism.

Baka-akaB1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

But a guy spending that much on Comics possibly would easily get the set , if its immersive and simple to use enough .

people said the same about Comics in digital forms on pc , tablets and laptops , and how feeling the paper was so important to the experience . Turns out plenty of us only cared about the content and not the collectible and speculative nature of "mint books" , and were fed up with plenty issues when dealing with the old retail comics system , not to mention the ease of storage

Here we are today with quite a few series selling way more in digital form on comixology and others , than in the currently stable but dying paper comics market .

nope1111692d ago

I'd be totally down with that.

FlyingFoxy1692d ago

Best. Episode, ever! If comic book guy is the owner of the store.

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