Injustice Gods Among Us 2 quietly announced

This is one announcement that really slipped under the radar. In fact, you wouldn’t have even known about it unless you were at the DC All Access at Wondercon Panel and paying real close attention.

After an apparently rather spectacular CG trailer for Batman Arkham Knight, the team were caught saying ’2015′ post-haste. Many instantly assumed that Rocksteady’s latest was already expecting a delay. However, as soon as the internet posted it as fact, someone else at the Panel instantly came out to contradict the notion.

And offered up a pretty major-league bombshell in the process.

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Massacred1695d ago

Glad to see the Injustice Love continue, but I also patiently wait for Mortal Kombat 10 to be announced.

Not to long now NetherRealm

MegaRay1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

If you ask me, ill rather have Young Justice than injustice or MK, but that just me tho (I always watch hero shows for the sidekicks and young justice was a Great Show with kinda all my fevs)
However, Spider-Man is the ONLY hero show I watch for the hero himself, seriously who dont like peter parker? (Not ultimate's one tho)

nope1111695d ago

LOL i was about to call you out on Ultimate. God that show is terrible.
And sad they cancelled Young Justice... It seems all the great cartoons gets cancelled now.
Wolverine and the X-Men, Tron Uprising(what a damn tragedy), Avengers EMH, Spectacular Spider-Man......

I'm sad now.

colonel1791695d ago

Mortal Kombat 10 has already been announced!

MehmetAlperTR1695d ago

No it doesn't. Ed Boon said at twitter" no comment. "

GusHasGas1695d ago

People need to calm down - a sequel was not announced. The guy at the panel was talking about a sequel to the Injustice comics which will be coming in 2015, not a sequel to the game

ironfist921695d ago


If by sequel to the comics is meant as Year 2, well then...its already happening this year.

So obviously Injustice 2 is announced for 2015 release.

MehmetAlperTR1695d ago

I was waiting for Mortal Kombat anouncement. F.. this.. It's enough of DC..

cee7731695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Exactly MK9's crap online servers are getting shut down servers soon so A MK10 is A must. I want at least 2-3 MK games this gen (2 fighters and atleast 1 shaolin monk MK this gen I've been playing MK since the originals you know These games would sell consoles.


Injustice and MK both can coexist they could be put in full rotation Mk,injust,Mk,etc.

nope1111695d ago

Heh, a misunderstanding led to an announcement.

rhcpfan1695d ago

Having Rorschach in the sequel would be fucking awesome.

Rockefellow1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Yeah. It's so "under the radar," someone reported on it yesterday here on N4G:

The sneaky SOB probably made it all up, huh? There's no way they'd have known about it and submitted an article before you guys did, because of how exclusive the reveal was. It's a dangerous business, games journalism. If only there was the slight chance that you fellas were just remarkably late with your reporting, and lazily ignoring the fact this was covered 20 hours ago by a more diligent site. That CAN'T be it, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.