Calling All ’90s Adventure Fans: The Samaritan Paradox Review | GameCloud

William at GameCloud writes: "The Samaritan Paradox is a paragon example for interactive fiction that doesn’t rely on violence or sensationalism to tell a compelling story. It achieves exactly what it sets out to do by paying homage to all the great adventure games of old and does so without feeling like a cheap imitation. In fact, had this game been released in the early ’90s, I genuinely believe it would have been critically acclaimed for its strong themes and unique approach. The writing is multi-threaded, with a superb blend of noir and fantasy, and it is driven by puzzles that you can expect to get stumped on along the way. Most importantly, though, with any mystery, the participant should expect to be shocked by the conclusion, and this is one area the game will definitely not disappoint. If you’re someone who thinks modern adventure games have become too easy, or someone who just never got around to playing any of the greats from that era, The Samaritan Paradox will definitely be for you. We highly recommend you check it out!"

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