Dark Souls' From Software Acquired by Kadokawa; New IP, Platforms and Expansion in the West Planned

During its latest earning report the giant Japanese corporation Kadokawa Shoten, that spans every aspect of publishing from manga to games, announced the purchase of the majority of the stock of Dark Souls II’s developer From Software.

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Massacred1668d ago

Hmm could be good or bad.

Hopefully we won't see the Souls series turn into a yearly affair.

Can't wait to see what they work on next though as the Souls games were some of the most rewarding I've played in years.

gameDevWannaBe1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

"Hopefully we won't see the Souls series turn into a yearly affair.

Well the game already has kill streaks. But u are the one who dies..

sonypsnow1668d ago


Kadokawa & From Software could develop a great Gundam & Evangelion game.

Danteh1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Never played a Souls game before, but DSII is exactly as I was told: one of most rewarding, awesome, infuriating, difficult, and amazing games I've played in a looong time.

I didn't feel so engrossed and addicted to a game since ten years ago with FFX, I'd say. Hope this adquisition doesn't ruin the franchise.


starchild1668d ago

Yeah, that was pretty clever. lol

Testfire1667d ago

@Danteh, I just started playing Dark Souls yesterday, yes, so rewarding. With part 2 out, that's a lot of time that's going into these games. Then Demons Souls after.

This is why I'm nowhere near ready to upgrade to a PS4 or X1, not to mention other games in my backlog.

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Magicite1667d ago

Huge companies can make sequels yearly, like Ubisoft, Activision, EA (not the best examples, I know), they have plenty people and other resources.

JsonHenry1667d ago

Personally I'd like to see more content in between if they are going to wait years to release them. The prepare to die edition was a great add-on to the first Dark Souls. I would love to see more of that. Not only is it new content but also a reason to play the whole game over again and not just play through the extra content like most DLC.

DarXyde1668d ago

One Souls game is enough to tide me over for a very long time.

Totally agree: no annual releases.

Drithe1668d ago

I wish they would redo the King's Field series from the old Ps1. I have no idea why it is not on PSN now. Stupid Sony.

AedanClarke1668d ago

I concur. After trying Dark Souls on PC, and hating how poorly the port performed, I uninstalled it and went looking for my fix for that kind of game elsewhere. DSII wasn't out yet, so I got myself a PS1 emulator, the ROMs of King's Field II and III, and I'll be damned if they aren't amazing, even if they too perform like crap with a constant 20 FPS. But it's PS1-era, so that doesn't matter to me. It's amazing how similar it feels to Dark Souls, as if played in first-person, yet how different it is from that series, as well.

Also, Eternal Ring is damned good as well. Haven't gotten a functional ROM of KFIV, so I don't know how good that is, but anyway. I'd love a new King's Field game. Or, if not that, a HD re-releases on all platforms maintaining the same atmosphere with updated controls and performance. I'd pay the BIG BUCKS for those. 60 bucks each? No fudges given, money paid. Honestly, after the success they've had recently with Souls, ignoring King's Field is silly, considering that it's a money geyser, basically. Then re-release the originals on PSN for those interested? There. Money made on HD versions and the original version.

ft3nemo1667d ago

You're blaming them because they have an opinion? Shut up an go away.

tanookisuit1668d ago

Surprising. You'd think Namco Bandai, or to a much much lesser degree, Atlus would have attempted a purchase!

Abriael1668d ago

Attempting a purchase doesn't mean having the money to outbid all other offers (or wanting to spend it)

tanookisuit1667d ago

If that's the case, I don't know how I feel about all the available options. Namco Bandai is a hit or miss - mostly a miss (in my books). Kadokawa I don't know much about, and Atlus, well, I'm too bias towards them.

Bathyj1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Please bring me a new Tenchu game, or sell the rights to someone who will. Someone like Sony would be good, it would be nice to see it come full circle, and someone needs to give that series the AAA spit shine it's always deserved and never had.

starchild1668d ago

I agree, but weren't the rights returned to Acquire or do they still rest with From Software?

In any case, I fully agree that we need to see a new high quality Tenchu game. The PS4 would be a perfect platform for it, but personally I selfishly also hope it would come to PC even though I own a PS4, just so I could have fun tweaking it a bit.

I used to use codes in Stealth Assassins to get the original Japanese voices and do all kinds of other crazy stuff.

Bathyj1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I dont think they ever owned the rights, they just developed the first game. Sony Music published the first one but sold it to Activision. Big mistake in my book. Activision then sold it to From, whold still owns it as far as I know. I could be wrong though.

Like I said, I would love it to come full circle back to Sony to give it to one of their talented teams. Maybe even Ready at Dawn could tackle it after The Order. I've always loved Tenchu but it was never AAA in quality, only in concept. Imagine the game it could be with Naughty Dog level Graphics, story, acting and gameplay.

I just got goosebumps.


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