OreShika 2′s Performance on PS Vita Could Determine Sony’s Stance on RPGs

Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke 2, or OreShika: Tainted Bloodlines will come west sometimes this year, but will be released in Japan earlier on July 17th.

If you love RPGs. there's the possibility that the game's performance could determine Sony's stance on the genre, as mentioned by the game's producer.

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Godmars2901688d ago

Would that be RPGs overall platforms, or just the Vita?

Also, how dumb would it be to buy the game without owning the - who am I kidding? I still have a launch day copy of Xenoblade yet don't have a Wii or WiiU.

Abriael1688d ago

Didn't specify the platform.

NewMonday1688d ago

this feels like Sony blackmail

maybe they should do a hybrid WRPG+JRPG, with western mechanics exploration and quests like the Witcher and Dragon Age Origins combined with Japanese style, art, music and story.

randomass1711688d ago


Still have my Wii and my copy of Xenoblade. You're missing out. :D I certainly hope it's just Vita. That platform needs more games and I would hate to see RPGs come out less on PS4 because of one Vita title.

MajorGecko1688d ago

yes some more western games would be nice, i tried to like JRPG's but I cant find any of them enjoyable on my Vita.

majiebeast1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Bad idea.

They should test it with a popular IP like Wild Arms or LotD. Not something niche like Oreshika which looks amazing no doubt but doesnt have nearly the fan following as the 2 i just mentioned.

Just look at Persona and Ninokuni and you have your answer. Yes there is a worldwide thirst for good JRPG's on any system.

It would be like if Sega decided if there was gonna be another Aliens game based on the sales performance Colonial marines

Abriael1688d ago

I don't think it's meant as Oreshika being an intentional testbed, as much as Sony thinking that if people don't buy the JRPGs they make, why should they make more?

By the way, the first Oreshika is considered pretty much a cult classic in Japan

majiebeast1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Ye but not nearly as large as LotD or Wild Arms. Well i hope it performs well, Vita owners are known to buy a shit ton of games, so atleast that gives me hope.

atlans891688d ago

OreShika looks too niched than any titles ever released. They expect using this to measure our interest? I feel like purposely loosing...

jc485731688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

People need to learn to accept/appreciate other people's culture.

jc485731688d ago

I missed me some wild west rpg.

Godmars2901688d ago

Hell, they should put out Trails in the Sky with some adverting. The PS3 version. Show it on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim.

Muzikguy1688d ago

I would love to see more RPGs!

Inception1688d ago


You should consider that sony not just a company who love to continue their classic franchise, but they also a company who love to created new IP's.

Imho why sony use Oreshika as a test because it's a new IP for a lot of gamer who never play it, especially western gamers. With 'unknown' games like Oreshika, sony will have an easier job to measure how much demands if they created new RPG's for Vita/PS4.

It's the same case when sony used Soul Sacrifice to measure how much demand and where sony can stand in monster hunting genre if sony created new IP's to replace Monster Hunter for vita. The result seems good for sony because Soul Sacrifice got a sequel/expansion and they created another new IP like Freedom Wars. 3rd parties like Tecmo also splashed by that succeed and created new IP (Toukiden) who also sold very good for them.

2nd reason why sony use Oreshika is because 3rd party like SE already made FF XV and KH 3 as a multiplat. Sony can't rely on them anymore to put exclusive RPG for PS4/Vita.

So, before we said "it's a bad idea", i think we should support the game and wait for the result :)

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DiscoKid1688d ago

Looks like an RPGMaker game, specifically the HUD.

gokuking1688d ago

I'd like to know which RPGMaker games you've been playing, because I've seen 0 that look like Oreshika.

DiscoKid1688d ago

My bad. Mistaken for another game.

antikbaka1688d ago

so everything depends on a game i've never heard about. wonderful

jujubee881688d ago

Just because you haven't heard of it ___

Inception1688d ago

Hmmm...well no problem for me because i'm planning on buy it though. Really interested with the artstlye and gameplay. And so far i loved playing RPG's on my vita. Oreshika will be a good addition to my collection ^^

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