The Company That Steals the Show at E3: ...Nintendo?

The author believes that Nintendo could launch a sneak attack at E3, which might feature a brand new next-gen console!

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Imonaboat11696d ago

A new console? I highly doubt that. Creating a console takes a lot of time and research. Its not that easy

1696d ago
randomass1711696d ago

Not to mention Nintendo definitely recognizes the market confusion between Wii and Wii U. If they introduce yet ANOTHER console into the mix, it will just confuse people even further. Best choice would be to ride out the generation for as long as possible, support the console with software and make what money they can that way, same as the GCN. Then rethink their hardware focus for the next console generation.

Metallox1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

I disagree. Because...

1) Iwata has already stated that Nintendo will continue in the business despite the slow sales of the Wii U. So let's just discard this possibility.

2) While Nintendo has confirmed the production of a new machine, it won't be released in 2014, neither in 2015, believe me. Making a video game console requires time.

3) Releasing a new console will make worse the already poor image of Nintendo, Wii U owners, like me, won't be happy. I just do not care if the console it's selling bad and I want to think the majority of consumers are like this too.

Or at least I think that, but who knows, it's Nintendo

randomass1711696d ago

You're 100% right Metallox. Nintendo bringing a new console would tarnish consumer trust. How would people trust them to support another console after Wii U? It would just be an embarrassment. The thing is if they put exciting content on Wii U it will probably sell a little more over time. Most likely they will never meet the same numbers as the competition, but they can at least make money by selling software like they did with the low selling GCN.

yellowgerbil1696d ago

I doubt Nintendo will even bother showing up to E3 again this year. just another direct probably

Concertoine1696d ago

They better. Directs are cool and all but its like screaming in an echo chamber of nintendo fans. They need to get the word out on what's up next.

randomass1711696d ago

I agree. Nintendo needs to reach all audiences and not just their own dedicated fanbase.

PandemicPrawn01696d ago

I doubt Nintendo will announce a new console. But I would not be at all surprized to see them stealing the show at E3.

they are Nintendo after all.

WeAreLegion1696d ago

I love Nintendo, but it's doubtful. They would have to introduce a few new IP's that completely blow us away for that to happen.

Neonridr1696d ago

or just show off the next Zelda game for the Wii U and have the crowd whipped up into a frenzy..

maybe we get a glimpse of Miyamoto's reported new IP.

WeAreLegion1696d ago

I'm sure they'll show Zelda, but could that really win them E3? They haven't evolved the franchise in a long time. As far as I'm concerned, Okami was the next evolution of the series and Nintendo still hasn't caught up.

Neonridr1696d ago

don't fix what ain't broke I guess. Hard to say they haven't evolved the series when we haven't seen anything of the game yet. But I guess they tend to play it a little safe at times. Regardless, the games always turn out to be fantastic and GOTY contenders.

randomass1711696d ago

Oh man, what I wouldn't give to know what the heck Miyamoto's been working on. I hope it's large scale and fresh for Nintendo and the industry as a whole. And Zelda? Well that's just something that excites me more for my future Wii U purchase. :)

PygmelionHunter1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Okami's combat put me to sleep, The puzzles were there, but they felt imcompete. And the story, while way deeper than Zelda's, was a huge mess that begged for further explanation in a sequel that has never been released... So far.

The game as a whole, though, is a joy to play! But it has more to do with its artstyle, mythology representation and FANTASTIC musical score (one of the best ever, I reckon). And it's certainly better than the linear chore that was Skyward Sword.

videgamenext11696d ago

Nintendo doesn't need new ips this is what they need
-Purchase megaman from capcom
- new f-zero for wiiu
- new metriod for wiiu
- new star fox on wiiu
- new kid icarus on wiiu
They need to ultize all the ips they already own. They not need new ones really.

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