Weekly PS4 Deals: Amazing Spider-Man 2 Preorder $50, Injustice Ultimate Edition $28 and much more

PS4 deals and sales from the biggest sites like Amazon, Newegg, Fred Meyer, Groupon and Dell.

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lebr0n1577d ago

Is it true that Sony might reduce PS4 price to $349.99 to kill Xbox One?

liamn1577d ago

Pachter said so today, but I don't think they will.

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andrewsimons1577d ago

Microsoft will do well as soon as they drop Kinect and sell the console alone for $349.99 maybe or $400 with Forza 5/Titanfall.

Tom871577d ago

PS4 + 1 Game for around $450
Xbox One + either TitanFall or Forza 5 for $450.

Still it didn't work, Xbox One didn't sell more.

Vystrel1577d ago

Neither Sony or Microsoft's goal is to "kill" the competing system.

I also really don't see a price drop for the PS4 soon since they still aren't bundling games at the $400 price point. They are selling well now at a $100 less than the Xbox One.

nucky641577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

i don't know about "killing" xbox one, but sony does have a way to get a ps4 on their site for 328 dollars.
anyone need/want a ps4 AND want to get it for 100 dollars off?...go to sony online store...go to bottom of page under the "order" column....go to "sony card"'ll see the ad for 100 dollars off 1st purchase with sony card. just fill out aplication and if you're approved, you'll be able to buy the ps4 on the sony site with your new card and will get 100 credit on your first billing statement. it worked for me. you'll be billed 428 dollars (with tax)on the sony site checkout; but, on your first statement you'll only have to pay 328 dollars after the 100 dollar credit! i don't know how long this offer will be made, but as of april 28, it's still there.

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jacobvogel1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Wow Injustice for $27.99, Time to turn on my PS4 and start downloading.

timothyckeegan1577d ago

Physical if for $29.99 too.

jdktech20101577d ago

I played that game a good 30 hours (which is a lot for me) on my PS3. If I knew the online was populated and not full of people way too good or that only play the game, I would seriously think about getting it again.

It was a great deal of fun.

blakstarz1577d ago

Injustice is well worth it, great fighting game.


I dont think i would recommend anyone pick up injustice for ps4 at this point. theres no more than 40 people in all the lobbies combined at any point in time.

with mortal kombat and ps3's injustice, man there were HUNDREDS of people.

Dustinf111577d ago

These are hardly deals... TLOU RM for $60 with all dlc; doesn't it already come with all the dlc?

kurruptor1577d ago

Yes, that's all included. Not a deal really.

Farsendor11577d ago

like others have said injustice is a good game and at that price a good purchase.

i need to stop pre ordering every game at full price and wait to see if pre order specials will be available