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SelectButton: "Fans of the FPS genre and the Wolfenstein series will certainly fall in love with this game. It’s got the build of an excellent story-driven game and it is a great return to the series on top of that. It is slated for released on May 20th, 2014, for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One."

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ThisEndsNow1664d ago

What is this game about? Is this a shooter game?

stalepie1664d ago

german version of okami

madpuppy1664d ago

It is an FPS. watch some of the videos floating around, it is really over the top, Nazi robots and mecs, robot attack dogs, crazy german experiments, old school dual wielding of weapons like machine guns, no limit on how many weapons you pick up.

it looks great and insane at the same time, damn I love killing Nazi scum!

overlord231664d ago

Your joking if you have never heard of this game you should never play a game again.

SolidGear31664d ago

Well said, overload. Been playing since Wolfenstein 3D back in 1994. PC and Super Nintendo. Then Doom of course :3

serratos271664d ago

Saw some distaste for this game :/ it looks sick to me! I didn't play the earlier games so I don't have anything to compare it to.

urwifeminder1664d ago

No multiplayer means no sale for me .

madpuppy1664d ago

Thats cool, but, one cool thing about not having multiplayer is that ALL resources are dedicated to making a kick ass, over the top, crazy great looking game.

when either one is tagged on to a game, one suffers. great single player with "OK" multi, or great Multiplayer with "lame" single player campaign.

Meltic1664d ago

well it comes too pc and its cheap. Buy it or download it

THC CELL1664d ago

rtcow was one of the best mp first gen, played it longer than most games today, would love to goto next gen beach invasion, just port the first gen one to next gen please.

i am highly disappointed this has no mp

samus41451664d ago

Not every game needs multiplayer.

MasterMasar1663d ago

We never had any options to play anything other than singleplayer at the demo booth. There's still some stuff we haven't seen with the game yet, and considering how popular Return to Castle Wolfenstein's MP was, I'm sure they'll add it into this game.

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finito821664d ago

lot of hype this game has, hope it delivers