Weekly Xbox One Deals: COD: Ghosts $27.19, BF4 $29.74, Watch Dogs + $25 Gift Card for $59.99 & more

Xbox One deals and sales on Amazon, Microsoft Store, Newegg, BestBuy, Fred Meyer, Groupon, eBay and Dell.

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dannygamer1396d ago

Why did Toy "R" Us and Amazon ignore The Amazing Spider-Man 2 deal? They had $10 off for almost all consoles.

andrewsimons1396d ago

Amazon did price match TRU. And TRU doesn't have XB1 on sale.

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corvusmd1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I got the deal on Ghosts for XB1 a few weeks ago when it was $20 a copy....should have got a bunch and sold them to Gamestop

@liamn I only know about XB1 version, that's the one I got. I had just sold my copy because I never played it since TF came out, but I got more money for my used copy than it cost for the new one from the MS store.

liamn1396d ago

Did this deal include Xbox One and PS4? I remember it was for Wii U, 360 and PS3

Apollo11396d ago

Microsoft Store had Ghosts for $19.99 before.

timothyckeegan1396d ago

TitanFall deal is bad compared to Amazon Gold Box Deal they had few days ago. Happy to pay $36.99 for this game.

edgarohickman1396d ago

Is TitanFall better than Battlefield 4? Is it the best FPS game out there for Xbox One?

zeuanimals1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Depends on your tastes. BF4 and Titanfall do some things right and they both do some things wrong (or I guess they both do things I like and don't like). Titanfall is a much more consistent experience though.

WeAreLegion1396d ago

Depends what you're looking for. Titanfall is a faster paced shooter where teamwork isn't necessary for most matches. Battlefield is all about strategy and working with others.

You honestly can't go wrong with either though. If you have the means, get both.

Ginesis1396d ago

I love BF4 because of exactly what you said! Never been hooked on a FPS till I bought that game.

Lawboy21396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

but bf4 and ghost are also good games

plants b zombies falls right under titan fall

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finito821396d ago

no ps4 deals? dang thats a steal too