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Submitted by icaruslives 656d ago | opinion piece

DICE Finally Fixing Rubber Banding On Battlefield 4

Simon O'Neill of VGamerz discusses the statement of DICE's upcoming patch and why it's ridiculous. (Battlefield 4, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Derekvinyard13  +   657d ago
What a sad read to see this game still has problems, I hope this effects there next game, you can't treat your customers like this releasing a game that clearly has problems
porkChop  +   657d ago
I'd honestly be surprised if it didn't have a big impact on BF5 sales.
BALLARD32  +   657d ago
I'd probably be inclined to skip their next game if it wasn't Battlefront because BF4 has been that rough up to this point. Love me some Battlefield though, so I hope they can get it together for their future titles.
emad-E-three  +   656d ago
To be honest I don't see myself buying it I mean no more support for Battlefield! And if I ever feel the need for that game i'll 100% buy it 2nd hand to make sure EA don't get a single $ and to make 'em regret BF4 (maybe its just me but thats how I feel about EA now)!
qu1ckset  +   656d ago
I love all you haters on the game, yes it's had issues from launch , it pissed me off as well , but since then it's been fixed other then the conquest rubber banding which doesn't bother me to much because I don't play much of that game mode anyways. But at the end of the day this game shits on COD and I'd gladly purchase this over COD anyday.

I will gladly buy BF5 and Battlefront (not day one just incase issues at launch like bf4. Lol)
emad-E-three  +   656d ago
Saying my own opinion makes me a "hater" you say?! Yeah because money grows on trees and yeah EA didn't steal my money by selling me a broken product!! Grow up fanboy!

Thats my opinion EA will not get my money! Sorry this maks YOU a stupid not me a hater!
I don't give a shit about CoD or BF that much to be a fanboy for neither, Again grow up please.
ScottyHoss  +   656d ago
Wouldn't hating EA make you a hater (of EA) though? And no need for the personal attacks man, like you said just "saying" an opinion, and his was that battlefield is better than CoD. I really think you need to grow up dude, or just calm down and let it go.
GarrusVakarian  +   657d ago
Many people are going to think i am plain lying when i say this, but in all the 140+ hours ive spent on this game on PS4, i haven't had a single instance of rubber banding or lag (i only join lobbies with full bar connections).

I've had the campaign save data glitch and the glitch where it kicks you back to the UI a handful of times. But apart from those, it's been problem free. I must be miraculously lucky.

Although, i do acknowledge how broken this game is for a lot of people. I feel for people who still can't play the game properly, this long after launch after spending their hard earned money on it.
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Detoxx  +   656d ago
Same here dude.. 280 hours of gameplay and rubberbanding maybe once a week, and joining another server would fix it.

I got disagreed to hell and made fun of every time I said this on N4G.
Bennibop  +   656d ago
me too, never had a single problem until the release of the latest DLC where I had lag for a couple of days. But even that seems to have been sorted.
Septic  +   656d ago
You're lucky mate. I've had it happen every time now (although a few months ago it was fine for a week or so). I haven't touched the game in ages as a result.
Darth_Yoda  +   656d ago
Rubber Banding, lags, lost saves, tons of glitches and more.
Bought BF4 with my PS4 (my firt BF btw) never going back to Battlefield.
Had to trade it in a few days ago no other option for me. Glad u guys got lucky ....
cyclindk  +   656d ago
I think much of this had to do with distance from servers and such, geographically/regionally. Even WITHIN regions a person (thousands potentially) are much farther away than others. Makes a big difference, not to mention if there were many other issues involved, coding, "cheap"/too few overburdened servers...

Point is, yes SOME will play care free, but many others are screwed. Same with any product, if YOU end up being the one screwed YOU wouldn't sit idly by and just take it either.
AgentSmithPS4  +   656d ago
Were you only playing TDM, DOM, and other low player count modes? I assume that's why ea/dice made it only 10vs10 (less than last-gen) because they were trying to get by with cheap servers from the start. 64p CQ was where I saw the majority of my problems.

Maybe some people had much faster internet than the rest of us and their poorly designed game would let them take most of the data and lag us, like a LPB with a plasma gun in Quake or something...
Panthers  +   656d ago
Rubberbanding only happens in 64 player Conquest (at least for me) so if you were playing other modes then that doesnt surprise me. But in Conquest it is horrible.
GarrusVakarian  +   656d ago

Nope, i play Rush mode exclusively. And my internet speed is nothing special.


That must be why then, lol. Thankfully, Conquest bores the socks off of me. RUSH MODE FO LYFE!
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Detoxx  +   656d ago
I play CQ Large only (PS4) with no problems.
Jac5al  +   656d ago
Conquest mode(64 players)is where you get the rubber-banding. The new servers have seemed to address the issue although.
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asmith2306  +   656d ago
The network issues only seem to plague large maps on conquest mode with 64 players. Try it on conquest with 64 players. It's a lot better since last week but there are still some issues. Mostly when flying jets. The ground game seems to have been fixed.
icaruslives  +   656d ago
What I find most disappointing is the fact that PS4/XB1 players were essentially $600 beta testers. I bought premium, BF4, and a PS4 on launch day, and I lost my save data 6 times in total. It's now 6 months later, and I still cannot play a game I bought a console to play.

Vegamyster  +   656d ago
I had less issues with the Beta then the "final" product lol.
cyclindk  +   656d ago
Same here and that was on PS3.

I TRULY think this is the work of EA going cheap somehow server-side and I know JACK about how all that works, but I DO know that somehow, "magically" after the launch of games like this and companies only THEN increase the number of servers all the problems tend to go away... hmmm I wonder why... maybe don't be cheap greedy a$$es and pay for MORE than enough servers from the get go!
AgentSmithPS4  +   656d ago
We need new laws that prevent a greedy POS company like ea/dice from selling DLC and "premium" versions of their game until their original game reaches a standardized level of quality online and offline.

And if they don't fix the problems within X amount of time then they lose their right to have pre-orders and/or pre-order bonuses. If they don't fix it past X amount of days they have to start refunding money.

These companies are like the scum contractors on the news that take the money and run without completing the work.
cyclindk  +   656d ago
There's supposed to be a "natural law" imbedded in all of us, which says to us, "don't buy the next thing they sell until reviews and videos illustrate it is near perfect before launch," but unfortunately too many, as with CoD, keep buying either crappy games or broken games regardless so the devs never feel the pressure as much. Otherwise I guarantee it wouldn't have taken this many months for them to "fix/invest more" into the servers...
tigertron  +   656d ago
Great that they're fixing this but this is too little too late. The rubber banding should have been fixed ages ago, and I've already traded in my copy.
DarthZoolu  +   656d ago
Same here
hellzsupernova  +   656d ago
Still boycotting EA. They rub me the wrong way. I may be brought back by battlefront but if they ruin that game as well!
cyclindk  +   656d ago
Yep, still not getting premium until things look like they may STAY fixed. Battlefront WILL be my weakness I'm afraid.. we have all been in a Star Wars drought for so long...
hellzsupernova  +   656d ago
It will be a sad day to see battlefront ruined.
I may torrent battlefield 4 single player to test my new pc out.
BattleReach  +   656d ago
When Battlefield Bad Company 3 gets announced everyone wants it though ;)
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NarooN  +   656d ago
Sadly the guys who were behind that series doesn't even work at DICE anymore, so a BC3 is pretty unlikely. Maybe it's for the best, since EA/DICE would muck that game up as well.
Rivitur  +   656d ago
We will see dice we will see my moneys on no.
badvlad  +   656d ago
hahaa , played yesterday and it was so much rubberbanding it was really wierd playin like it was some wierd bf hybrid clons
mogwaii  +   656d ago
I live in australia and havnt had many issues myself.
Mr7Beans  +   656d ago
I don't even rubberband (PC), just fix the netcode ffs.
Farsendor1  +   656d ago
what took them so long to get all of these issues fixed? this game shouldnt have been shipped in this state.
bornsinner  +   656d ago
i have a fiber optic connection and i lag on this game which has dedicated servers... that's a big problem
Remy_S  +   656d ago
I'll believe it when I see it.
Npugz7  +   656d ago
Game plays really smooth for me now after the server fix!
PiperMCFierceson   656d ago | Spam
Npugz7  +   656d ago
I feel bad for Dice! EA rush them to the point of releasing the game when Dice isn't done with it! I played it all weekend on PS4 without a single hiccup and it is easily my favorite game right now.
Majin-vegeta  +   656d ago
Spent all day yesterday playing.On the Naval strike maps had no.lag or rubberbanding (PS4 version).
saber00005  +   656d ago
I'm a big Battlefield fan. I've played the first when it came out. NEVER HAVE I EVER SEEN SUCH A BUGGY, UNFINISHED GAME... I stopped playing the game.
Sci0n  +   656d ago
Yea its been the conquest mode only for me and my friends that rubberbands. Rush, Dom and TDM work perfectly fine. Sometimes you can find smooth conquest servers but the experience is usually different for everyone in my party.
ShadowKingx  +   656d ago
i like battlefield, yes this game has had alot of problems, but granted they waited awhile to try and fix them, but i still have to give them props for making the effort, impacting sales i doubt it, even though a few people will not buy it or might wait to buy it now, BF is just like a COD game, no matter how many times its messed up or the game is the same, people will buy it, because for alot of people its still fun. just the ways it is, people just dont have enough stand to send a message. that's why EA still just like they are and always will be. but thats a whole another story.
AsiaticGodBorn  +   656d ago
I am fed up with DICE and EA. I have been a hardcore supporter with well over a 1000 hours combined in all the iterations since Bad Company 2 on PS3(still the best in the console series IMHO) and have forked over the additional $50 for both Premium memberships. It is clear DICE has "sold out" if you will to EA and has been pressured/forced into releasing inferior/unfinished products for the sake of annual profits and earnings. It's simply inexcusable dating back to the launch of BF3 the "work in progress" approach they have employed with their games. Despite having to acknowledge the mess they were responsible for, the best they could do to make amends to the community was to offer double XP events. All their empty rhetoric of placing all DLC on hold and devoting all their resources to fix the issues was all B.S. Lo and behold, after that statement what did they do? Release Naval Strike, which was/is virtually unplayable on every single Large Conquest server due to intolerable rubber banding.

I yearn for the days of Bad Company 2 which was the last game to actually show regard for the community by offering free maps until Vietnam. Of course despite being a fan favorite, they discontinue the series and let go of the developers responsible for the game.
danncampello  +   655d ago
Bugs are part of our games, but I cant wait to see a flawless game, someday haha

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