Nintendo 2DS Event Photos

See images from Nintendo's New York Nintendo 2DS Event and learn what games where shown.

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Apollo11662d ago

2DS has been out for long time. Didn't they do a launch event?

1662d ago
AntDaGamer1662d ago

Yeah they did but as the other guy said. I just think they are doing smart business and concentrating on making the most out of what is selling the most for them right now.

timothyckeegan1662d ago

This is different. It was for upcoming games including Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Mario Golf: World Tour and Tomodachi Life.

KonsoruMasuta1662d ago

Their handheld has been getting the most attention lately. First, they have the event for that Disney game on 3DS and now this.

I hope they do some type of launch event for Mario Kart.

ScubaSteve11662d ago

they really need a nintendo store in chicago