The 15 Most Important PS3 Games

Seeing as the next generation of consoles is finally here, many of you will be moving on to the new systems. Many Playstation fans are anxious to make that leap to the new shiny Playstation 4 but, before you make that transition there are 15 PS3 games you must play. These are not necessarily the best Playstation 3 games but, these games defined the Playstation 3 system and pleasantly surprised gamers while disappointed others.

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explicitbaron1692d ago

Thanks I really worked hard on it.

1692d ago
itBourne1692d ago

Pretty good list. Not really sure where Last of Us or Red Dead are tho. Resistance 2 was horrid and basically killed the series in my opinion. Journey maybe needs a mention but that kind of fits in with flower.

christian hour1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Definitely, it's a pretty good list and I found myself agreeing with a lot of the choices, but I felt the inclusion of Multiplatforms diminished the list a little bit, since they're available elsewhere, and I also consider FFXIII a mockery of the FF series I grew up with and loved, so that also irked me a little.

But despite all that, fantastic list! I really enjoyed reading through your retrospectives and opinions on each title.

Personally, I would replace GTA IV with Red Dead Redemption... but only because GTA IV killed 2 of my 360's and it pains me to think about it, ha ha. But more seriously, it delivered an open world sandbox experience I've never had before, and now and then I find myself yearning to revisit the game, I can't say I have the same feelings towards GTA IV, or even GTA V for that matter. RDR was something very special to me, I may just have to borrow my friends copy on PS3 :)

The only multiplatform title I said HELLS!YES! for was Arkham of course. Rocksteady really did redefine a lot of gameplay mechanics with that title that seemed to come out of nowhere, and to think it started out as a Guitar Hero type game.

Infamous definitely earned its spot on this list. I remember picking it up one day, not knowing much about it, having only played the demo the previous night. I thought it was just another Super Hero sandbox game, similar to crackdown. Boy was I quickly proven wrong, the gameplay was solid and required some careful thinking and skill on its higher difficulty levels... and that ending. That damn twist ending. Did NOT see that coming. A rarity for me these days :)

I loved Farhenheit/Indigo Prophecy on the original XBOX, so getting to play Quantic Dreams next title on PS3 was a treat, though I felt bad for my Xbox brethren who missed out on the title... though I only know of one person that had played their previous games so I didn't mourn for too long when I lent him my ps3 and a copy :)

Oh MGS4... such sweet memories. After clearing it for the billionth time, I didn't see my ps3 for about... 6 months. Xbox360 was a very big success in UK and Ireland, a lot of people who were previously Playstation folks had been won over by the original Xbox and primarily XBL and Halo 2, so when the 360 rolled out first a lot of them made had already made their commitment and saw little interest in ps3 afetr its release some months later. That was until mgs4 came along, of course. Then my services were in high demand :D My PS3 swapped from friend to friend for half a year as they all took turns at visiting an old friend. I make my old ps3 sound like a whore but... honestly, she kinda was :P (also I had to begrudgingly sell my ps3 2 years ago, broke my damn heart, but paid to fix my other important organ :D )

I could go on in detail for each title you included, I have amazing experiences and memories tied to a lot of the games mentioned or their spiritual predecessors/successors, flower/flow etc and the uncharted series.

Thanks for making this list and thanks for reminding me of a lot of great moments I had last gen surrounded these games and of course the PS3. It was slow at first I'll admit, and didn't see as much use as my 360, but between RROD's and an eventual lull in games, I can honestly say PS3 definitely gave me the most varied and full experiences game wise, 360 was just for hanging out on virtual playing fields fragging some close and personal buddies :)

*NB* I was the only one in my circle of friends with a ps3

It was very ronery, so ronery indeed.

TL:DR Edition : Awesome list, most I agree with, some things I would change. Still, great job ExplicitBaron

christian hour1692d ago

(ran out of characters in initial post)

Also people will hate me for this but... I never really got in to Resistance. I played the first 2, but it just never really did anything for me,or seemed to be a console defining title. Please don't brick my window! ;o;

I'd also put Trash Panic on my list. Only because I lost hours/days/weeks/months and possibly a girlfriend to that game :) Only ever made it to the final stage once, and still to this day yearn for more levels or a possible sequel. Probably won't ever happen :)

ovnipc1692d ago

For me the best ps3 games heavy rain and the last of us, gow was good too. But heavy rain I love that game.

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Derekvinyard131692d ago

Fallout 3 is such an amazing game

bleedsoe9mm1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

was it amazing on the ps3 , i had a ton of problems with skyrim

@Derekvinyard13 skyrim on ps3 made me upgrade my pc

Derekvinyard131692d ago

Not as bad as skyrim at all, but in the beginning there were some big bugs that were fixed. But skyrim was a whole new level of problems. That frame rate problem was unacceptable

christian hour1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )


I was exact same, Skyrim was a nightmare on ps3 at first unfortunately, and by the time fixes had come along I'd just lost interest in my save file by then and how much I had lost in the process...

Plus like you it made me upgrade my PC and play Skyrim in all its glory :D


Maybe it was a CONSPIRACY plotted by Bethesda/AMD/Nvidia/Intel to get people, mainly ps3 owners, to upgrade their PC's and increase profit margins... ... 0_o *puts on tinfoil hat* /s

edgarohickman1692d ago

Where is GTA V and The Last of US?

bleedsoe9mm1692d ago

TLoU should be on the the list as a book end to a great generation . i would also have Red Dead Redemption on the list , might be the best RockStar game of all time .

explicitbaron1692d ago

While I do believe Red Dead Redemption is pretty great, I would say GTA IV and V as well as LA Noire are better.

bleedsoe9mm1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

@explicitbaron thats fair they are all great games

journey's probably a very important game since it was the first download only games to get allot of GOTY awards

explicitbaron1692d ago

I was going to put that but, it will be available on PS4. It was released very late in the generation. It's going to be known as a dual gen game so, you can skip it on PS3 and get it on PS4.

jc485731692d ago

Yakuza only gets a honorable mention?

explicitbaron1692d ago

I tried not to be biased. I really enjoyed the game but, it wasn't game changing and most gamers won't even give that series a chance. Beautiful cutscenes though.

jc485731692d ago

For a beat em up that has RPG elements and a pretty hefty story, I say that's pretty game changing to me.

DCfan1692d ago

Then whats game changing in your opinion?

Sclavius1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

No God of War 3!? No Journey?!!! No The Last of Us!!!?

explicitbaron1692d ago

God of War 3 wasn't anything special. If you played the prequels it was the same with better graphics, good game but not that important. Journey while does look interesting I believe it wasn't top 15 worthy, top 25 definitely. For the Last of Us read my reply to someone who already mentioned that.

XiNarutoUzumaki1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Lol God of War 3 was phenomenal and anything like the prequels as they were PS2 games. The jump from PS2 to PS3 was outstandingly good. Good visuals, expanded gameplay, omg the gods, the sense of accomplishments after killing them. I still have my copy and play it occasionally.

I think God of War 3 is an important game and one of the best in my opinion. I'm a bit dissapointed it is not on your list, but i respect that. Cheers bro! Nice list!

BlakHavoc1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

God of war 3 wasnt anything special?...GoW3 was a top 5 ps3 game imo. And I also think UC3 and AC2 deserve a spot here.

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