The Console Is Dead, Long Live The Console

Spend your time online consuming various gaming news stories and you will find a common theme: more and more analysts seem to be somewhat prematurely predicting the demise of the games console.

The PC Master Race sit back and smile smugly, grabbing yet another great deal on Steam with the freedom to mod every inch of it, while Playstation and Xbox owners fiercely defend their console of choice and debate the mighty PS4 selling 7 million units, against the slightly better console-exclusive library on Xbox One. But it appears that we are all missing the point: over 12 million consoles with a limited selection of games have now been sold. Yet we are still constantly being told that the console market is dying.


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finito821691d ago

i dont think its dying at all, its a multi billion dollar buisness

ovnipc1691d ago

Who ever thinks consoles are dying its an idiot. You thinks companies like ms and sony will invest billions on a product that its dying? The consoles will die the day the games stop. And I dont see that happening any time soon, both are investing billions in making more games. Long live both main consoles and pc gaming, we all win as gamers.

cfc781691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

If it ever did happen my gaming days would be done can't see myself switching to pc after all these years.(please never happen lol)

Skate-AK1691d ago

It won't happen. There are always people that want a machine they can plug in and play right away.

isarai1691d ago

Well that was a pretty pointless article

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The story is too old to be commented.