Why Microsoft shouldn’t be focusing on Kinect at E3 2014

"Since Xbox One has been released, Microsoft hasn’t been in quite a good spot for almost five months now. It all started back at the official reveal of the console, which was a few days before last year’s E3 conference. There’s still a lot of controversy around Xbox One, and we can all notice that Microsoft is loosing its edge against Sony and PlayStation 4. Why? Well, we’ll take a look today at what we consider to be the reason behind this."

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While I like Kinect for the features other than gaming (although I was really impressed with KSR honestly) I think E3 should focus on games that aren't Kinect, show that the lineup is competitive without Kinect, but then also show features how Kinect can compliment games without forcing it, and show a FEW games that are solely kinect games to help drive home the point that it is worth it. However, do that in combination with features that make Kinect worth it without gaming. Simply being able to navigate the menu system with just a few words it enough for me, but showing how that and features like Skype and Twitch are much better is good enough for me....more along those lines. I personally would honestly not care if they NEVER made a Kinect game, all the other features of it make it worth it to me in my opinion (I know not everyone will share this opinion however). Now every time I go to use my PS3 (in my bedroom as a blu ray player), PS4, 360, or Wii first instinct is always to talk to it to tell it what to much easier. It actually is a pretty sweet little gadget, even if you only use it for voice commands.

That being said. "Xbox On....Go to Titanfall" (almost done with Gen 10!!!)

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I totally agree, once you're used to the voice commands it genuinely feels like something's missing when you use a different TV/console.

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I gotta agree too...everytime i go to another room to watch tv or to someones house, i expect them to have voice commands lol....and i gotta say that the kinect seems to be working a lot better than at happens rarely that it does not recognize s command...

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ya I love the voice commands I am so used to them now when I have to go back to my 360 to watch hbo go I will occasionally say xbox pause or something and feel like an idiot. I still hope they try and make games for the kinect d4 and fru look promising and would love a virtual simulator of a golf game or a time crisis would be sweet too.

Automatic791688d ago

I don't mind Kinect as long as the experiences are good core experiences with the use of Kinect in a way that doesn't mess the game up but enhances it. Perfect example Dead Rising 3, Battlefield, Mass Effect 3.

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Yeah I will not be surprised if they release an Xbone without the kinect. Maybe than i'll consider buying

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Negative. Hardcore xbox fans love their kinect,they all ways bark about it how "next gen" it is to yell at ur console, so I thnk ms e3 should be about 80% kinect for them

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