OUYA Ditches Free-to-Play Format, Gets First Pay-Only Games

Hardcore Gamer: For the first year of its life, the OUYA was able to claim that every game on the platform was free to try. Now, with over 700 games available via that model, the first pay-only games have hit the platform.

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ValKilmer1668d ago

God watching Ouya is like watching a train crash in slow motion.

Summons751668d ago

Yeah...any extra popcorn?

ziggurcat1668d ago

... and because it's an open source platform, no one will actually be paying for those games, either.

Serg1668d ago

Eh, huh? Just because the platform is open source doesn't mean everything running on that platform is open source as well.

Android is open source, is everything on Android open source now, too?

ziggurcat1668d ago

don't be naive, hackers will find a way (if they haven't already).

Serg1668d ago

This has nothing to do with being naive. You are misinformed on what open source means. Your opinion on the subject was most likely formed after reading a few things about heartbleed. Heartbleed was bad, very bad, but open source is still king when it comes to security, there is not even a comparison.

Last I checked the most secure OS on the planet is open source.

Open source applications work the exact same way closed source apps do, there is literally no difference. The only difference is that everyone can look at the blueprints in open source, not in closed source. Heartbleed was patched with lightning quick response time, check out how Microsoft is dragging their feet with various vulnerabilities in Windows and they cooperate with the NSA, alerting them on newly discovered exploits 1 month before they patch them. I prefer open source any day.

NinjaRichParty1668d ago

I almost bought one of these when they launched. Looking back I honestly don't know what I was thinking. Dodged that bullet. Haha.

Skate-AK1668d ago

It's actually a good media box. Or if you like to play retro games on emulators.

NinjaRichParty1668d ago

I have consoles and a PC for that though....

Baka-akaB1668d ago

Ouya ditched gaming anyway

ValKilmer1668d ago

Or was it the other way around?

hkgamer1668d ago

how does f2p work on a console with a tiny install base?

ValKilmer1668d ago

Well it was technically "free to try" before

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