Interview: Jason Paul Talks Bringing PC and Consoles Together Through NVIDIA Shield

PAX East 2014 featured plenty for those that love PC gaming to admire and look at – accessories, equipment, gear, and upgrades for great gaming rigs and beastly PC models.

For NVIDIA though, the company’s goal was not only just to wow PC gamers with great new models and products, but also to show off a great future for where PC gaming can go, along with what it can offer even to those on the fence between PC and console gaming. Our own Al Zamora (DSTV Host) checked out the latest that NVIDIA has to offer, along with taking a hands-on look at the company’s upcoming Shield handheld for how PC gaming-on-the-go looks, and plays.

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UltimateMaster1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

That would be cool.
It's one of the reason why I like the Vita.

taz80801694d ago

Now that it supports wifi streaming it becomes very interesting.

sourav931694d ago

I really want to get a Shield. I love remote play on the Vita and I think it'd be awesome to be able to take my PC games on the road as well. Plus, unlike the vita, the Shield streams at 60fps (though the vita streaming is still top notch; love playing inFamous Second Son during lectures :P ). Too bad it's still not available anywhere but the US yet. Can't wait for that UK release date.

SteamPowered1694d ago

I have a shield and let me tell you it is one polished piece of kit. From the packaging to the Shield itself, nvidia spared no expense. I play all my pc games plus an incredible amount of emulators. It is ergonomic, responsive, and portable. I really can't say enough about it. Plus even though you play in 720p, when you hook the shield up to a tv, it will stream your pc games up to 1080p again.
It's a wonderful device and I have already conviced one friend to purchase one. Highly recommended.

Skate-AK1694d ago

Heard some good things from people that have it.