What Do Bungie's Departures Mean For Destiny?

Hardcore Gamer: With Destiny, Bungie is aiming to blend elements of massively multiplayer games, first person shooters, and role playing games while implementing a seamless online component as seen in games like Journey. With Bungie's track record and the ambitious ideas of Destiny, it's not all surprising many are highly anticipating both the release in September and the beta set for summer. However, with the departure of lead writer Joe Staten a few months back and the recent termination of longtime composer Marty O’Donnell, there is a growing concern about the game's current status.

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ValKilmer1690d ago

It means Titanfall wins.

Kingthrash3601690d ago

lol what?
destiny will out sell tf. not even on the same level as destiny...or the division. man i cant belive this comment. lol halo2 may well out sell tf, we know its a better game...whats worse is halo2 remake may even look better than tf...smmfh.
i'm not knocking tf though..its a fun game for a hour or so, but destinys content alone kills tf.
the departures of a studio are common its just because of the internet and twitter that we hear about the more than ever.

alexkoepp1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Destiny just looks like a borderlands with real graphics and none of the stupid humor. Which isn't a bad thing by any means, but it's been done before.

Bungie made halo and it was fantastic, but the entire series started at a high point and went downhill with every iteration afterwords... until it hit another high point with H4, which another studio made lol.

Any company that has dozens to hundreds (not sure what bungie is at these days) of employees, there is turn around. Always new people coming in and other ones out. It's part of every occupation. Not nearly as big of a deal as people make it out to be.

So Destiny for me is totally up in the air, it could be either a worse game than reach, or since it's the start of a new universe it could be fantastic and the best game in a new franchise, time will tell.

eddieistheillest1689d ago

@Alexkoepp . Halo 4 was terrible IMO. Worst one in the series.

MysticStrummer1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

But… have you SEEN Titanfall?

Destiny wins.

OT - It means about as much as the departures from Naughty Dog mean to UC4… Nothing. These departures may mean something for more future titles, but not these in the near future.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Lmao get out of here

OT: It doesn't mean anything this happens. Except when it happend to Naughty Dog it was considered the end of the world and doom and gloom articles started.

dodgefate1690d ago

rofl, I 4got all about titanfall till you said it... that WAS a fun game for a week.

Lord_Sloth1690d ago

Because a writer who wrote the biggest marine cliche of all time in an unoriginal alien war left?

URNightmare1690d ago

When people from Sony's studios leave "Sony is doomed!"

When people from other studios leave "......." no one gives a fk.

Fanboys are hilarious! lol

medman1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

My oh my, much like your namesake, Val Kilmer, you sound like a worthless drunk.

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betrayed gamer1690d ago

could mean a lot of things. As we do not know why they left it would be mere conjecture on our part. however i wonder how much actual talent is left?if i remember correctly a good amount of talent either stayed at 343 or came back to 343. maybe the ties with activison are not as tight as previously thought.

Op_Static1689d ago

This is normal stuff in this has been going on since the start. It has only become news worthy in the last year or so but really go look at the credits for game series or studios and see how many names change from one to another. Yes there are some people who stay around for a long time but that is not the norm. Game companies are almost like sports teams in this regard.

Farsendor11689d ago

yep usually they have a 1 game deal and the developer moves onto another project.

Skate-AK1689d ago

Doubt we will ever know what happened.

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