Mass Effect Rumours Surface For 2015 Release

It’s a foregone conclusion that expectations for the next installment in Bioware’s Mass Effect franchise are high to say the least, after the incredible success of the epic trilogy that preceeded it. With the team playing its cards very closely to its chest this time around, they have fans chomping at the bit in anticipation for any morsel of news, and game journos the world over padding their articles with all manner of sci-fi related puns.

It’s not too hard to stand back and see that anticipation is now nearing fever pitch.

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deathtok1668d ago

Can't wait to see where they take the series!

turgore1668d ago

Third person cover shooter. Speech trees are replaced with shouting to the kinect. 720p resolution.

Naga1668d ago

Setting aside your attempt at trolling, I would absolutely love for the dialogue trees to be voice driven. Combine that with facial mapping and expression recognition, and I think it could be one of Kinect's greatest chances to shine.

Joey_Leone1668d ago

Look at these buffoons, they're lubing up there own backdoor holes for the next pounding. These "Gamers" are driving us straight to 1983 and it's pathetic.

N7KIRK1668d ago


No, people like you are what is going to drive the industry down. For people like you, it doesn't matter what Bioware or any company for that matter does, it doesn't one bit. I guarantee you're going to search till your dying breath to find something to bitch about, and continue to keep on bitching. Hell, I bet you'll buy Mass Effect 4, given that you can afford it, just to scream "They conned me out of my money!" on the internet.

Pretty soon, it's not even going to be worth the hassle for them. Why put effort into anything if no matter what you do, your "fans" will complain and condemn to no end. Don't give me something like "They don't put effort into it." You try making a triple A title.

BIB1668d ago

Wow...That all seeing all knowing crystal ball of yours is broken.

brokenbracket1667d ago

I just farted, in your mouth. Can you taste it?

Saika1666d ago

As an indie developer, I thank you. Our release hasn't come up yet, but seeing developers I know personally fail because of people who are bashing it just to bash it...It's not very inspiring.

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thecastroregime1668d ago

Where was that quote taken from? A Tweet? E-mail? Forum? Not accusing you of anything, but a short line like that isn't hard to fabricate.

Npugz71668d ago

Damn!!! I was hoping it was coming in 2014.

Skate-AK1668d ago

Sounds about right. Bet they show it off at E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.