DriveClub Info and Official Release Date in "Weeks To Come"

An update from the official Driveclub Facebook fanpage has announced that some new info will be hitting us in the weeks to come.

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xtremexx1694d ago

hungry hungry hippos is amazing.

Angels37851694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

about damn time....Q1 2014 my ass!!!
Remember when they said it would release in Q1 of this year???? Yeah I remember because I've been waiting for this game since the ps4 was announced!

BattleAxe1694d ago

In other news, games will be coming out for the PS4 in the "weeks to come"...

Angels37851694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Also if Sony's idea of delaying and going back to the drawing board has anything to do with implementing micro transactions into the games structure I'm going to be pissed.... When it was announced and shown all the way up until the delay there was not even a hint of micro transactions..... But now we are hearing about them..... Kinda has me worried.

DOMination-1694d ago

Why do microtransactions matter? Just don't buy them...

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GarrusVakarian1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Sometimes i listen to this song from this games soundtrack and my hype starts creeping back in-

Tracks like that are perfect for fast paced racing games. Imagine drifting around a corner or blasting down a straight with that playing. Hnnnnghhh.

I can't wait for this game. I'm hoping for a release soon after E3. I'm in desperate need of a more arcade-style racer, NFS just didn't cut it.

Am-No-Hero1694d ago

Good to hear that :)

I'm afraid to hear a " Delay " word after releasing the date

hope not

mikel10151694d ago

"Weeks to come", also could be known as E3

IWasHere1694d ago

Very probably.
I'm bored of that.
They don't try to keep interest.
No news since half a year!
One can think this game is dead.

MysticStrummer1694d ago

fanboy opinion
hoping for failed PS4
good luck with that, kid

HaveAsandwich1694d ago

you haven't seen the game
patience first, then you make your judgement
new footage coming very soon

IWasHere1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )


Once a comment with criticism and it rains Disagrees. Grow up and accept other opinions!
I defend this games many times, I kept my optimism for a very long time.

Sony/Evolution Studios left me in the engraving. A good communication between Developer/Publisher and Community looks different.

But think what you want. From now on I'm very critical.


Sorry but I only can laugh about your comment. You don't know anything about me and my opinion about PS4. It's best console ever but this whole thing with DriveClub is a bad joke.


I will be patient but I'm no longer optimistic and a defender of Evolution Studios or the game. They have to prove that the additional developing time is worth.

MysticStrummer1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Calm down. I just wrote a haiku because JP said your comment was the worst poem ever.

I don't see anything about DriveClub as a bad joke. Delays aren't exactly uncommon and this delay wasn't even all that long. If they delay again, I'll reconsider that opinion, but as it is I'm still looking forward to the game. Implying that the game could be dead after this short of a delay is ludicrous.

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waltyftm1694d ago

Really looking forward to this game, the last stuff they showed us was amazing.

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