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UK Weekly, 19th April 2014

XOne 11,578 (0%) 545,574
PS4 9,216 (-12%) 778,003
3DS 5,611 (+14%) 2,389,854
X360 3,514 (+4%) 8,813,657
PS3 2,984 (+2%) 5,853,700
WiiU 1,924 (0%) 260,769
PSV 1,020 (+1%) 479,122
Wii 315 (+43%) 8,639,054
PSP 99 (+1%) 4,405,526 (3DS, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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incendy35  +   313d ago
Good to see Titanfall doing so well. Seems sequels dominate sales, nice to have a new IP holding the crown.
tuglu_pati  +   312d ago
This ^^^^

Im all for new IPs this generation. i don't mind sequels but it should be split between the two. Last gen was sequel after sequel.
Rimeskeem  +   313d ago
Why do we even trust VGcharts?
Bonkerz   313d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(7)
KonsoruMasuta  +   313d ago
I'm surprised to see these two consoles battling it out in the UK. Last gen, the UK was dominated by the 360.

Sony is putting up more of a fight in the UK this gen.
xKugo  +   312d ago
It's not really much of a fight, as Sony has been leading the UK in sales since Day 1. I doubt very seriously that these numbers aren't marred by under-tracking just like several weekly reports in the past.
josephayal  +   313d ago
Supreme Victory for Microsoft, wow
HacSawJimThugin  +   313d ago
The entire top ten is occupied by Xbox with the exception of FIFA for PS3 and Trials for PS4...wow. Seems to me that the masses still prefer Xbox. All MS has to do is drop that price and then well you know the rest.

Where are all of the ppl who bought PS4's? Infamous should be in the top ten at least. Is this a picture of things to come? All the talk on here will lead one to believe that the PS4 has won simply because it has the lead in sales atm. Mark my words, Ppl bought the system because it was the cheapest!! Not because of the games...obviously. Lol. TitanFall FTW.
GameDev1  +   313d ago
"Ppl bought the system because it was the cheapest"

Yes, it clearly wasn't because of the xbox debacle at E3 plus ps4 is a more powerful console
salmon_slapped  +   312d ago
April has somewhat of a drought for games on next gen. We will see more numbers when watchdogs comes out along with other games from E3 last year. Those numbers will show good sales figures for next gen (more ps4 gamers buying games).
Christopher  +   312d ago
When you drop your price to equal that of the PS4 and give away 1 or 2 games with it to boot, you're going to see a lot of sales improvements.

But, at the same time, they lost a ton of money on each sale.
OiNioB   312d ago | Trolling | show
lodossrage  +   312d ago
This is the same VGchartz that said Xbox One "won" March U.S. right?
I understand that the U.K. and the U.S are different places, but the fact remains that VGchartz numbers are only guesses, and not even good ones at that considering they were totally wrong with the March NPD.

Unfortunately, the U.K. doesn't have a NPD so people resort to Vgchartz wild guesses.

It's also worth noting that they didn't even bother to correct their March numbers so I personally don't see any reason to believe in THEIR saying the XB1 outsold the PS4 in the U.K. Is there a more legitimate source around? Because if there is, we really need to start using it.

However, people do have the right to post it as news if they so want, just hope they don't take their "numbers" as fact because we've seen first hand how wrong they usually are.
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KillerByte23  +   312d ago
It seems that Titanfall on Both X360 and X1 is admitting a force that is unstoppable Titanfall been 6 weeks at #2 and Titanfall on Xbox 360 been 2 weeks at #1
Tedakin   312d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
Tedakin  +   312d ago
Titanfall is huge. It still regularly trends on Twitter too 6 weeks later.
Tedakin  +   312d ago
LOL you disagree it's huge? What will it take to make haters just finally say "Okay, the game is good and people like it." Infamous #11 BTW and it was the big direct competition. haven't heard anyone mention that game since 2 days after it came out.
pandaboy  +   312d ago
The fact that it is outsold by killzone shadowfall suggests it isn't huge.
lodossrage  +   312d ago
To be fair, comparing Titanfall to Infamous doesn't amount for much.

Titanfall is an extremely hyped, extremely marketed FPS game geared to western markets such as the U.S. and U.K.

What adventure orientated games do you ever see even come close to an FPS game in terms of sales this day and age in WESTERN MARKETS?

A better comparison would be Killzone like Pandaboy below mentioned, but that was a launch title which game out too long ago to compare properly to Titanfall sales, but it's sure as hell more reasonable than trying to use Infamous for said comparison.
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GrandpaSnake  +   312d ago
"Have been working long hours with a 9-5 office job and a second job as a part time supervisor at nights. Tons of money but I have no time for this anymore.

I post on my Vgchartz account during my 9-5 job so you can follow me there.

Remember, it isn't because I was "owned" as 360 isn't last place, and won't be until the next Xbox. After that, brag as you please lol.

- Halo 4 outsold all PS3 exclusives of 2012 LOL. Also my favorite Halo game of all time. Couldn't ask 343 for a better game.

Either way this gen was a giant step forward for Xbox and a giant step back for PS.

Maybe you'll hear from me here sometime. Who knows. " -VG charts..... honestly he sounds like some of the guys up their defending VG holy cow could it be....?
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   312d ago
Astro Turfer Extraordinaire?!

;} *_ - {;

VG Charts, needs to be Banned..
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welly300  +   312d ago
Got to give it to Microsoft they see a game with potential to move x1s and its working. Ima sony fan but would love to play this game.
urwifeminder  +   312d ago
Great too see xb1 gamers supporting the console with the purchase of actual software , well done all much deserved success.
SilentNegotiator  +   312d ago
Remember when people were saying that bundling Kinect would mean more software sales of Kinect games and incentive to develop for it? Look at those massive Kinect Sports Rivals sales, dawg! MS totally made the right move.
R-A-S-0  +   312d ago
Why do people still pay attention to VG? Their numbers are consistently wrong, and yet people still care what they say. WHY?
DJStotty   312d ago | Off topic | show
JMyers  +   312d ago
The only reason for this "lead" in the UK is because the Console is £100 lower in price than when it launched, and includes Titan Fall.

UK does equal Europe, and is a small market. MS isn't duplicating this performance worldwide.
Toman85  +   312d ago
Something fishy about VGCHartz when no Global sales has been estimated. But game on like I do on PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and PC :)

Let's unite, stop with the wars, but I doubt my voice of opinion won't do a damn thing :P
Muzikguy  +   312d ago
"Think about that for a minute. If the PS4 is selling without hyped games, why does it sell? The PS4 is selling because of the hype surrounding the consoles instead of the games. As for seeling without "buzzwords", I was watching the Indians game yesterday and behind the pitchers mound was "Playstation" to the left and "Greatness Awaits" on the right. Please tell me you aren't one of the ones that don't believe that "Greatness Awaits" is a buzzword and just the truth..."

@Death Of course there's a certain amount of hype for the PS4. It's that way for all the consoles upon release. I'm just saying it's not solely hype selling the system. Same could be said about XB1 and Titanfall. By saying that you make it sound like nobody is buying the system for the sole purpose of actually wanting it. I've enjoyed my PS4 very much since launch, even if there's a "lack of games".

I watch baseball too and tbh I love seeing those ads for PS4. They didn't much advertising last gen so the change is nice. "Greatness Awaits" is just a slogan. And yes, it CAN be true. I believe it will if that's what you're getting at. Any system could use that slogan and it could hold true if it has what you're looking for. I think you know what I mean by buzzwords. All the multiple xbones in the cloud, directX12 talked about like the 2nd coming, Titanfall hyped as THE end-all-be-all of next gen shooters.... I'm not attacking or anything but I haven't heard Sony say anything about the power of multiple PS4s in outer space somewhere. They're working on VR as we all know. Have they once said anything like MS have with their clouds or DX12? I appreciate the way it's being handled. Let the idea sell itself I say!

Oh wow, sorry about the long post O_O
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Spontogical  +   312d ago
doubtful when X1 is ahead.
for sure when its PS4 ahead.

N4G, Never change. 2007 in reverse. All the tides have changed on this place :p

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