3 Reasons the Xbox One May Struggle to Catch The PS4

Gamespot's Tom Mc Shea explains why it may not be easy for the Xbox One to catch up to the PS4.

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Abash1692d ago

The only way I could see the Xbox One catching up to the PS4's sales is if the PS4 sold 0 units for many months.

In other words, I just don't think it's possible and it'd be easier on those hoping for it to happen to just accept that the PS4 will be the highest selling console this gen

AngelicIceDiamond1692d ago

"The only way I could see the Xbox One catching up to the PS4's sales is if the PS4 sold 0 units for many months."

I know your playin on words but even then, lets be realistic.

The main thing MS has to first is cu the price to 400$. So that way they can at least get those pondering gamers to opt into one.

After that, its about that clear refocused vision for Xbox. Last but not least the most important thing is the games.

They need to bring those game. Exclusive AAA's games, 3rd party games indies games from all sizes.

Abash1692d ago

Would those things stop the PS4 from being as successful as it is? No, and that is the problem. Sure, MS needs to do more to get more Xbox Ones sold and both Sony and MS are going to make moves to make their consoles more successful, but MS's problem is how appealing and wanted Sony's latest PlayStation is by consumers

HaydenJameSmith1692d ago

I agree at the end of the day what is a game console about the games... so they need to bring the games and that is what will win it for them in the end. Sony cannot afford to hire as many 1st party developers atm and this is where MS have the advantage, the Exclusive AAA games.

And refocus there efforts on marketing the console as game console primarily and not a media center is a big must... which I think Phil Spencer is going to do...

The price cut wouldn't hurt either...


yes the PS4 is a bit more appealing atm but that could soon change... at the end of the day I want a console with the best games and atm Sony's focus seem to be on Indie Games and this is no way to say they aren't great gaming experiences, cause they are, but I didn't buy a Console for mostly Indie Games they are a great addition but not the primary focus for a games library.

AngelicIceDiamond1692d ago

"Would those things stop the PS4 from being as successful as it is?"

Of course not.

Well I dunno maybe, we never know.

You can't rest on your laurels of PlayStation's run away success and call it a generation. Anything can happen even you know that.

We have to see if its price and messaging or if its what you stated. The PS4 is just a very appealing console overall more appealing then X1 at the moment
so yeah your right.

We'll see what happens at E3. This E3 will clear the already somewhat fogged future of X1. And Sony's plans to stay ahead of MS.

I can't wait.

thorstein1692d ago

Doesn't the X1 have to catch the Wii U first?

BIB1692d ago

Exactly...Determined or not the Wii-U is still a competitor to both PS4/XBO and seeing as the XBO hasn't surpassed it yet, I wouldn't count Wii-U out either. In the mean time, Sony made all the right moves this time and learned to correct their mistakes from the PS3 gen.

miyamoto1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

@ HaydenJameSmith

Do you understand what you just said to Abash about Indie Games on PS4?

PS4 is not just about the gamers PS4 is also about the gamers who makes the games- big and small developers & publishers they are all equal in the eyes of PS4!

What use is a platform if it is just for big companies like EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Square Enix, etc, etc.? Power Players?

PS4 says enough of this bloated, huge budgeted, AAA games obsession by M$ that killed so many middle sized studios through the years since Xbox entered the competition!

THe PS4 E3 presentation was a big slap in the face of M$ when "how to treat indie game developers properly" was the main opening number?

Xbox Live was a horrible platform for many indie developers-there is no real independence. No! None! Everything was controlled by M$.

Indie Games saved the industry to a second video game crash! And PS4 is championing indie games this generation in the traditional market as the biggest platform for indie games! And soon PS4 will catapult this indie games & developers to popularity to millions of gamers giving birth to great big studios.

Try to be a real gamer that understand and appreciate any video game.

OT: PlaySaviour 4 is changing things right.

HaydenJameSmith1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Playstation have not being "championing indie games", where do you think they have been played all this time ? Steam... the true believers in Indie Games potential, MS and Sony have just been jumping on the Band Wagon since the beginning... and do you forget Xbox Live Arcade (they may not have allowed self publishing but neither did Playstation 3 at the time)... Developers still pushed to put games out on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Now because they made money. Just cause Sony are getting Indie Games out on the PS4 before the Xbox One doesn't mean MS don't/didn't plan on supporting these Developers...

And you hear what you want to hear... I never said the platform shouldn't be just for big companies and I never said Indie Games aren't great experiences (cause they are which i said in my comment) but doesn't mean there the only experiences I want... You think Sony are doing this because it's right ? No I'm afraid not, they are just competing with MS... they still had the intentions of DRM on there console but switched, they still had the intention of selling PS4 with the PS camera but dropped it to get price edge, they just started to support Indie Games with self publishing to one up MS... But MS can do both... PS4 just got a head start with Indie Games... If you think MS are some corporate devils who just want your money and Sony are the perfect company then your a loyalist... Its all about competitive marketing not how happy can they make gamers and game developers...

Why don't you try be a real gamer and stop being so narrow minded... loyalty to any one console doesn't make you a real gamer... I do appreciate every game whether indie or AAA but doesn't mean the two don't come hand in hand when comes to how successful a console will be.

Btw after looking at your comment history, you clearly don't like MS or Xbox so clearly you have no ground in this matter...

PandemicPrawn01692d ago

Xbox one doesn't need to catch up with PS4.
Sony have released a quality product and consumers are supporting it. Microsoft have also released a great console. People are buying it (perhaps not at the same level as PS4s), but the console is selling.
Microsoft and third party developers/publishers will continue to support the xbox one, as a gamer that's all I can ask really.

that the platform is supported with great games.

medman1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I agree with almost everything you said. But the simple truth is that perception is reality in many instances in life. The perception of the xbone right now is that is is underpowered and overpriced. It's hard to counter that perception when every game that is available for both consoles performs better and looks better on your lower priced competitor. Perception becomes reality. So while I agree the xbone is selling well, that doesn't mean it is smooth sailing for Microsoft. They have problems with that system that need addressing, and promising the power of "3 to 10 xbox one's in the cloud" ain't gonna cut it. Not for savvy gamers anyway. As someone who has always owned multiple consoles, including a 360 and ps3, Microsoft has done less than nothing to show me why I need an xbone. Nothing. I bought a ps4 based on the quality of their first party developers, and the power advantage is a happy bonus that had nothing at all to do with my purchasing decision. It was all about the games. Microsoft dropped the ball big time late last gen by letting the game exclusives dry up while Sony continued to deliver heavy hitters right up to the PS4's release. There was no competition for my gaming dollars, Sony won in a landslide. Microsoft needs to show us gamers who haven't bought an xbone why we should buy a Microsoft console again, especially since so many of us, myself included, were burned by hardware failures last gen and bought at least one additional 360. Microsoft indeed needs to do much more than offer fanciful cloud and dx12 promises that quite frankly don't seem plausible considering the latency problems inherent with cloud processing and dx12 probably being of more benefit to pc's than consoles. Those are the some of the issues as I see them from someone who would prefer more companies get into gaming, not less. If Sony or Microsoft leaves the industry, it hurts all of us. If Sony or Microsoft continue to lose money in their gaming division, it hurts all of us. I want them both to succeed and compete to give us gamers better games and better options for gaming. I would love it if Apple or some other company entered the ring as well. The more the merrier.

medman1691d ago

I've got 3 reasons:
1. No year plus long launch advantage for Microsoft's console this time around.
2. No price advantage this time around.
3. No selling multiple consoles to the same consumers due to massive failure rates of the original console.

And I would add a fourth, which is Microsoft's inability to understand the issues the xbone faces, and address them properly, instead of continuing to talk about the cloud and dx12. Those things don't help xbone gamers today or tomorrow, and the problem is Microsoft doesn't know when those things will help. It's far too nebulous and uncertain. Maybe they will hit E3 hard with what matters most, and that's the games. But they are really going to tank hard if Sony blows them out of the water at E3, because Microsoft already faces an uphill battle being priced higher and offering less power.

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AceBlazer131692d ago

Lol, 'may'. It won't. Quicker this sinks in quicker we move on from it.

FrigidDARKNESS1692d ago

Once again 72 countries vs 13 only 2 million behind out of 59 uncovered territories.

MightyNoX1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

2.8 million. Put up or shut up.

@below: I realize Microsoft hired you $3 by the hour. But Math disagrees with you, no matter how many times you try to spread FUD on this site.

Had they hit 5 million, Microsoft would have said SOLD to consumers. You know it, I know it. The difference between you and me is that I can go to bed happily night whilst you have to worry about reaching your minimum quota for saying Microsoft hit 5 million.


FrigidDARKNESS1692d ago

....and the truth has been told they should have more sold with a 59 territory advantage.

Majin-vegeta1692d ago

(Wrote it in huge letters so you won't miss it this time ;)).

FrigidDARKNESS1692d ago

And how do you know the xbox one won't sell in those territories? It's all based on opinion not true facts.

Axios21692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )


Tell that to 30,000,000 360 owners outside the UK and US.

Poor fanboys, they shot their mouths off and said "MS will only sell 5m X1 in 2014", now, after just 5 months, they look like idiots and they can't #dealwithit.

MysticStrummer1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

@Axios - Taking your comment at face value, a total of of 5 million XB1s haven't been sold yet, and "5 million sold in 2014" would mean a total of around 8.5 million. At this rate, that still may not happen. For the record I think it will, but PS4 will keep widening that gap all year anyway.

As for Frigid's point, which several MS fans like to bring up repeatedly, I still haven't seen an explanation for why PS4 outsold XB1 even when XB1 was originally out in more territories at first.

MysticStrummer1692d ago

Once again, that argument ignores the fact that XB1 was out in more territories at launch and was still outsold by PS4 during that period of time.

BIB1692d ago

This argument is getting stale. You say, "how do you know the xbox one won't sell in those territories?"

Microsoft released the XBO based on the metric of "tier countries", so let's say tier 1 countries are the 1st world countries of a high population of people with disposable income which is where most XBO sales are anyway.

Regardless of if XBO released in "tier 2" or "tier 3" countries, do you seriously think it would make that big of a difference in sales when the XBO is already available in its biggest markets anyway? (Even with ~800,000 or so on shelves)

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DEEBO1692d ago

Didn't MS say that those 5 million are ship to stores not sold to the public,Not my words this was from MS themselves.

So the gap is more like 3 million not two but when i was saying MS were stuffing stores with x1's and showed the pic of all the x1's in my back room i was telling lies.

Yeah those 5 million ship are the reason why MS hit the red button on the factory line to stop production of x1's until they move all those x1's collecting dust.

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