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"Recently, I've realized that the price of games is quite controversial among gamers on the Internet. Some say that inflation has caused games to become cheaper over the years, while others have pointed to downloadable content as the reason for video games being more expensive. I sat down with a few members of the newly established Benign with B-TEN Facebook group to investigate this unfathomable crisis."

-Gabe Carey,

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UltimateMaster1640d ago

Gaming should be at least 10$ off, hell even 20$ off.
Around 40$~50$.

porkChop1640d ago

At $40 or $45 many more gamers would be willing to take a chance on games that aren't sequels. New IPs would benefit quite a bit.

Derekvinyard131640d ago

I never buy games at launch anymore. $60 for a game that probably needs one or two patches? No thanks. Another thing, only games I feel that are worth the full 60 are games like red dead redemption, fallout 3, just cause 2, gta v kingdoms of amalur, because they at least take over 20 hours to explore everything in it, not just a 5-8 hour campaign with hit-or miss multiplayer. Be smart with your money FALLOUT 3 goty edition is $17.00 new on amazon right now. This 17 dollars will get you easily over 70 hours of gameplay. That's value

BBBQ_BYOBB1640d ago

I don't care what price they charge on release, if people are willing to pay it and they make more money, then great. I usually wait til games drop to below $20, mostly digital games these days. And with PS Plus, I've got plenty to keep me busy.

lelo1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

"Is Gaming Too Expensive?"

Absolutely. Where I live a new console game bought in the store is 60-70€. That's way to much money for a game. Console games should be 30-40€... more then that is robbery.

That's why more and more people buy games second hand or when they are much much cheaper...

3-4-51639d ago

Stop ONLY buying games for $60, and start buying a few used games.

I saved $300 last year doing mostly that.

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lashes2ashes1640d ago

If you look at the whole picture games are cheaper than ever. People seem to forget that at least in the us n64 games were about 70.00$ Thanks to indies there is a lot of options on how much you want to spend for something to play.

Bhuahahaha1640d ago

yes it is but you seem to forget to compare the number of gamers then and now.

lets say then dev earn 1 dollar for every game sold

potential buyers will be 100. so thats $100 earning

today dev earn 50 cents per game

lets say potential buyers is more than a 1000.

so the gaming market of today is way more profitable than before not to mention earning thru dlc and other products link to the said games( cd, movie port heck even asmalllogo on a cereal box etc ect)

lashes2ashes1640d ago

True but what has that to do with "games are to expensive " yes games make more money and yes games cost way more to make now than ever and still prices by and large of game soft wear is lower than ever before. Ten years ago 50$ might have got you one new game and now if you really want to you can get several new releases for the same price. Don't get me wrong some people only like big AAA titles and that's cool. But if that's all you want to play then you are limiting you're choices not the market.

Bhuahahaha1640d ago

[True but what has that to do with "games are to expensive....]

my point is the game price now and then isnt a big issue,you stated that on your post~comparing price then and now.

and to give my opinion on the topic yes it is darn to expensive now. no more free costume, hidden character to unlock, even gallery mode and sometime you have to pay for the extra map weapons item even wallpaper

oh and btw i dont always play AAA titles heck i even rarely even buy one

im more into rpg

BBBQ_BYOBB1640d ago

There are way more cheap options now, if you stick to games that are older than 6 months you can get those AAA games cheap. I have a library of hundreds of digital games and I didn't spend much money at all.

eaise1640d ago

Yes. Yes it is
If I get all of the games I want for my Wii U that are already announced that are coming out this year I will be spending well over $300. And that is just on what has been announced so far. I suspect there will be more games announced at E3 that I will get as well

Angrymorgan1640d ago

It costs what you want it to cost..
me myself I have a ps4, but im a choosey gamer. I dont buy every release.
sin e its launch ive only bought 4 games.
There's more Im waiting for but its within my budget.
im 31 and a dad so I dont play all the time.. if I was a teenager living at home, id be spending alot more time on my ps4 and buy more games so it depends helps too :)

AnotherProGamer1640d ago

This is nothing new, in fact a lot of games used to cost with inflation about $80-$120

ramiuk11640d ago

depends what country i suppose.
in US games regular are $50-$60
in UK same games are £50

Are_The_MaDNess1640d ago

depends on the country indeed. its 84USD for every new console game over here in Norway.
one of the many many reasons i swaped to PC gaming. almost 90USD for a dualshock3 WOOOT!??!?!
i know Norway is a rich country and all, but even so. thats a steal.

hellzsupernova1640d ago

Same boat here in New Zealand just switched to pc gaming myself built an awesome rig. Cannot wait to fire it up tomorrow.

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