Arkham Knight’s Release Date Rumor Clarified

Arkham Knight's 2015 release date rumors have been clarified by DC Comics.

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rodiabloalmeida1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Thanks, God. I need this game ASAP. October 2014 is already too far. 2015 would be too much.

gamerspective1366d ago

You and me both, I have my money ready for a collector's edition.

GasTankKiller1366d ago

As much of a Batman Arkham fan as I am. I wait for the collectors edition's to drop in price. Batman Arkham Origins wasn't out 6-months and I bought the collectors edition for $50 new.

I'm going to do the same with Arkham Knight but I'm sure it will be a year before a price drop.

Farsendor11365d ago

im also buying CE, have they released any information on the ce version of the game?

amazinglover1366d ago

October looks like its going to be stacked with games. Dragon Age and Shadows of Mordor also Alien:Isolation for those into to it plus some still unconfirmed games might go broke that month.

Ashunderfire861366d ago

All 3 of those games are coming out on the same day. October 7th! If I had to choose one game on that day, I will have to go with Alien Isolation.

bienio1366d ago

For me shadow of mordor

amazinglover1366d ago

Im getting Dragon Age, Shadows of Mordor looks promising but am going to wait till I read the reviews. Might pick up Aliens if its good later on not really into horror games.

clockward1001366d ago

Thank god all these delays were starting to get annoying

clockward1001366d ago

prepare to go broke this fall guys lol alot of good games coming

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The story is too old to be commented.