The Elder Scrolls Online: 5 Reasons Why This Game is Already a Failure (With GIFs)

Instead of becoming a legend among MMOs, TESO has become a despicable disappointment. Here’s the top five reasons why this game is already a failure among gamers.

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ThisEndsNow1640d ago

You're right about that but we have to pay $15 a month to play??

Senyra1640d ago

15$ for what exactly? Non-social PvE and zerg PvP? Sounds amazing.

theDivision1640d ago

On top of the 60$ just for the game and if you have an X1 (when it comes out to X1) another 60$ in order to play online (or some smaller amount per month)

joab7771640d ago

Here we go. Complaining about the sub fee again. The problem isnt the $15. You dont have to pay past 30 days unless u want to. Trade it in. If u do, at $15 theres more content here than 80% of games u have paid way more to play. I am so damn tired of the sub argument. What about guild wars? Guess what? Without a sub model, we get cash market places...and it ruins good mmos...unless u r rich.

The problem isnt the $15/month...its the issues pointed out in the article. I will gladly pay $15 for a great mmo. Its beyond worth it for the time u will play.

Now, to the article. I do agree with much of this. But the game has so many redeeming qualities. I honestly think they would have been better off to announce this along side their next elder scrolls single player game and have some type of overlap. Make ESO entirely mmo...not a hybrid. That being said, things can be fixed. They can make grouping up much easier and offer all the things mmo fans want. I knew this a yr ago. Only mmo fans would stick around. Make them happy first and foremost. I also knew that bugs would be a problem. When u r playing a Bethesda game, u know glitches come with it. Its part of pushing the envelope. But u CANNOT have glitches in an mmo! For PvP, it is an amazing idea. It simply needs refinement.

Now, I hate to say it but hopefully they get it ironed out b/c the sub/f2p model is horrible and ruins every mmo it touches. Honestly right now, I think FF14 is the best mmo out there.

cleft51640d ago

I don't mind paying to play a MMO. In fact, I think it can be a good thing, I am really enjoying FF14 right now. But nothing in ESO says to me that it is worth paying for at all.

DragonKnight1640d ago

joab, you don't seem to understand. Or rather, you are on the brink of understanding.

You said this...

"The problem isnt the $15/month...its the issues pointed out in the article."

In that one sentence you showed both your ignorance, and at the same your understanding.

People do not want to pay $15 a month for a game they paid $60 for already and it has all of these problems. Problems, I might add, that have nothing to do with typical MMO issues but are instead design flaws.

Typically a subscription is paid for when the user is consistently satisfied with the product being offered, in this case no one is and the subscription fee is unjustified.

Contrary to what you believe, TESO doesn't have more content than 80% of the games we pay way too much to play today. It has the same amount of MMO content that is standard for the genre, and other games we pay for begin and end at either free with optional microtransactions, or $60 without a subscription fee. Therefore, there is no way in which you can look at a game like TESO and justify a subscription.

cartman3131640d ago


Not sure where you're getting no one is satisfied. I have over a hundred hours in it already and I am quite satisfied paying $15 a month for this game.

DragonKnight1640d ago

@cartman: Since you honestly want to fixate on splitting hairs, fine, rephrasing.

"Most people aren't satisfied"

Happy now?

You are in the extreme minority as it can be seen everywhere that TESO is getting hammered by critics and gamers alike.

Rodney251640d ago

I was foolish enough to get this because my friends did and I already hate it. Very boring glitched 4 times I've only had it for two days and it forcede to pay the $15 before I played. No 30 day trail or nothing. Im sticking with FFXIV which is easily far better than this trash. Please heed my warnings and stay far away. I can't even play on my PS4 when that version releases because you got to pay two separate subscriptions.

PFFT1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

YEEAH! ill stick with FF14 thank you very much.

tiffac0081640d ago

I'm alright with paying for subscription IF the game gives me more fun than headaches.

Baka-akaB1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Sorry but i can't think of any single redeeming quality about a mmo forcing you to go solo for a good chunk of its experience . At least not one strong enough for a franchise that was already SP and could have just kept going that way , or simply add a co-op mode of sort .

The game , beyond the graphic engine , is exactly every post Wow mmo clones with even less qualities and more glaring tech issues , but with still a subscription . Makes no sense

i'm not a fan of f2p mmos , they can't provide the good stuff sub based mmos do , even if they did improve drastically . And lumping Guild Wars 1-2 wich isnt f2p at all , but a different (better) system of its own , in the mix wont help

ESO as is it , is outrageous and doesnt warrant a sub , except in the eye of its diehard ES fans clients

cartman3131639d ago

@dragonknight people in the actual game seem to be having a great time. I'm in a few large guilds and see mostly praise in the chat.

Odoylerules0001639d ago

@Cartman313: It's fine that you like this game for some reason but I find it strange that you're in denial that so many other people see the game for what it is: an overpriced, buggy piece of trash. I hope you enjoy it with your "huge guild" that sings the games praises. Yes... enjoy that...

cartman3131639d ago

I won't deny that there are bugs in the game. Maybe if I was in my early 20s I would be less patient towards them and call the game trash. Like the kiddies that troll the forums. I have yet to see any massive multiplayer game not have any bugs in the launch window though.

Senyra1639d ago

I paid for MMOs before, i'm gonna pay for WildStar too. Just i hate MMOs that have no real content and charge money like mad lol

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mo2411639d ago

the problem isn't the sub. It's the fact that not everything in the game is included in to the sub. There is a sub WITH MICROTRANSACTIONS. looking at you imperial edition.

Magicite1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Long before release it was clear that this game will flop (unless it goes f2p). So far very few games managed to be successful with p2p model, FF14 being the latest.

P.S. Bethesda has had so much success with TES and Fallout before, why the heck they went MMO?

Joe9131639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I think it was a good idea I always played TES and wished it was online I think the problem is the $60 bucks then $15 a month I say if you pay $60 bucks then let me play for four months or at least 2 month for free to make sure I want to spend $15 more a month for it or download for free then pay $15 a month for it. This model did not work for DCU and it won't work now they will go free to play or drop the $60 buy in. Sucks because I want to play this game but in two months time the game will have cost you $75.


Welp lets hope for another "Realm Reborn" twist if Bethesda wants to save this ship

aLucidMind1639d ago

It's Zenimax Online (Bethesda's parent company), not Bethesda. The only reason Bethesda's name is on it is because it says "The Elder Scrolls".

JonnyBigBoss1640d ago

Agreed. This game is going to tank.

Qrphe1640d ago

The economic-breaking bug, ability to cancel subs, and unfair ban of users in the first few days supports this. The scraps or TORtanic are finally reaching the abyss where AtlanTES is located.

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