Xbox One & Its Upcoming Secret Weapon Against PS4

A frank and honest evaluation of cloud technology, backwards compatibility, and how Microsoft can remain competitive with Sony and it's PlayStation platform.

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lifeisgamesok1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

All Microsoft needs to do is keep releasing the best exclusives and lower the price

Once the hype dies down for the PS4 they will need to walk instead of continuing to just talk up GDDR5, big games coming, etc.

The internet does a fantastic job of lying to the masses when it comes to the power differential. I'm not referring to digits on paper... I'm talking about what shows on the screen

For anyone that thinks there's this huge gap in multiplatform games I suggest they look at comparison videos for these games listed below

Trials Fusion
Battlefield 4
Need for Speed: Rivals
Assasins Creed 4
NBA 2k14

And there's many more

With Sony in financial crisis and allocating money to VR, AR that they don't have I can see them sinking even further into debt

Godmars2901690d ago

What are you talking about. Whether you want to admit it or not - likely not - given that its not here yet, that it could take years until its running at the level its being promoted at, cloud computing is the thing running on hype.

That Sony doesn't have games coming for the PS4 is as foolish as saying MS does have any for the XB1.

UltimateMaster1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Spoiler Alert! Microsoft's secret weapon: Lies.
Example: We "shipped" X amount of consoles.

ScareFactor1690d ago

The cloud is not a joke, yes it might not be ready for use but if anyone could get it to work in the future it is Microsoft. If they can get it to work in some form it could make an impact, not sure how big though

Eonjay1690d ago


It might have a bigger impact on Xbox One than PS4 and thats the problem.

randomass1711690d ago

When Sony has over 100 developers making games for their systems, all being AAA, indie or otherwise, you should NEVER count them out. That is a fact.

johndoe112111690d ago

They should have labeled this article "Xbox One & Its Upcoming Secret Weapon Against Common Sense"

avengers19781690d ago

So the article is saying that there secret weapon is doing what Sony is doing through playstation now, bringing backwards compatibility through the cloud... Yes that's how they close the gap.

They should have focused on making a better gaming machine, and left out all that all in one crap, and left out kinect and sold it at 400$ to begin with, then it be a much tighter race, but that's why there's history so we can learn from past mistakes... Oh and there PR guys really screwed up from there first announcement till launch.

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randomass1711690d ago

PS4's potential has been realized through game development. Right now, cloud computing is being hyped up and we've seen no demonstration of it actually working. I am all for seeing this in action, but let's not use hype to downplay what is already proven to be a great system.

MorePowerOfGreen1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Both consoles have advantages but what you rabid/crazy fanboys perceive as "PS4 potential" compared to the XB1 is nothing more than underdeveloped XB1 dev tools.

Not saying PS4 won't pull ahead later on with its local hardware but right now with launch window games the difference in games is not because PS4 is untouchable.

Anyways by the time PS4 naturally pulls away from XB1 on the local hardware side the XB1 will be using advanced software and remote processing, leapfrogging PS4's capabilities and then some.

The arcade game Trials Fusion is not running at a higher resolution on PS4 because PS4 is some super computer, it's because MSFT's late with software using placeholder OS's(DX 11.2)

The masses are being confused by this hence why PS4 is doing so well thanks to this and the fanboys spreading the bull.

PS3 had the same treatment from devs at first.

If I were a PS4 fanboy I'd be more worried for Sony as a company and not so much MSFT/Xbox. How will Sony keep up with MSFT in games and cloud tech etc? Will Sony close more parts of the company etc. Will Sony be able to do R&D to compete with what MSFT will be bringing?

randomass1711690d ago


Whoa, I'm not saying any of that at all. I think the XB1's power is unfairly criticized as well as unfairly praised. It's good hardware, but to say that cloud computing will suddenly jump start its performance to leaps and bounds ahead of PS4 seems pretty preemptive when we have seen no demonstration of it in action. The Trials fiasco is something I DEFENDED Microsoft on because that was a result of poor development with a simpler game.

Kayant1690d ago

"but what you rabid/crazy fanboys perceive as "PS4 potential" compared to the XB1 is nothing more than underdeveloped XB1 dev tools." - Yes because having a 40% or whatever the metric is again better GPU and ram for graphics processing is fluff and doesn't provide any advantages /s.

The fact of the matter is if third party devs do decide to use servers they are going to use it for all the systems they target, they are not going to be making a special build just to work on XB1 whilst PS4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 use P2P. The effort, time, cost doesn't make sense for them to do it.

"The arcade game Trials Fusion is not running at a higher resolution on PS4 because PS4 is some super computer, it's because MSFT's late with software using placeholder OS's(DX 11.2)

The masses are being confused by this hence why PS4 is doing so well thanks to this and the fanboys spreading the bull." - You say that yet you don't know the difference between an API and OS or that XB1 uses DX11.X with DX 11+ features including some DX12 features already.

The lego games running at a higher res and AC4 running at 1080p with better framerate will like to have a word with you.

"If I were a PS4 fanboy I'd be more worried for Sony as a company and not so much MSFT/Xbox. How will Sony keep up with MSFT in games and cloud tech etc? Will Sony close more parts of the company etc" - Yes PS4 owners should be worried about the company that has said PS4(PS division) is an important part/focus of Sony going forward and the same company that has shown third generations of long support with exclusives which can't be said for MS. Sony won't need to worry about azure because at the end of the day if a third party is using dedicated servers or cloud offloading PS4 will also be getting the benefit for the reason I said above. Yes and no one is saying Sony is in a rosy position but they will be able to survive for a good while.

The fact that every single third dev so far even with access to the *free* dedicated servers on XB1 have chosen instead to use their own solution (EA, Ubisoft,2k etc) so far should tell you how future is going to be in terms of adopting azure for XB1.

avengers19781690d ago

@morepowerofgreen. So to prove your point about XB1 you link a YouTube video to nivida witch makes sense if you were talking about high end gaming rigs, but the XB1 is not a high end gaming PC.

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KinjoTakemura1690d ago

Key word for today:

Dedicated Memory

Compare the ps4 with xbox one and Microsoft's problems do nothing but get worse.

Rickgrimes951690d ago

Can you call something you won't stop talking about a secret weapon?

JustPlay41690d ago

Your very rude and a idiot, have nice day

GamersHeaven1690d ago

LOL all those games you listed other than NFSR and 2K are all inferior to the PS4 versions all that talk about GDDR5 you mean actual hardware? Jesus please stop posting all together you have no clue what the hell your talking about.The cloud=Software PS4=Hardware in the end Hardware>Software there is nothing Microsoft can do to beat Sony in that department.Lets not forget the massive differences in GPU'S that plus the ram and setup=PS4 is superior in every sense of the word the truth hurts enjoy your console for what it is a 100$ more inferior console.

Allsystemgamer1690d ago

It's almost like they're here to promote Advil with all the headaches they hand out.

Hyper_Tension1401690d ago

Actually, NFSR and NBA2K are also inferior to the PS4 versions. Sure they both have identical fps/resolution, but the xbone version of NFSR has no DOF affects and has worst draw distance. And NBA2K is missing AA.

Whiskeyjacked871690d ago

By stating that they should lower the price you lead me to believe that you, yourself think the console isnt worth $499. Its a little hypocritical. Youll sit there and say its worth the price tag then turn around and say they will have to lower the price to compete. Make up your mind because you sound silly.

ger23961690d ago

Its been 6 months, how long before the "hype" dies down? At least you admit the Xbox 1 is over priced and needs a price cut.

MegaDan1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

I suggest you go to an Eye Doctor & seek mental help. Your level of denial is absurd.

Allsystemgamer1690d ago

Lol all the games you listed look, run better and run at higher resolutions on the ps4...are you dumb?

I'm primarily a PC gamer and got a ps4 because the xbox one has NO advantages over its competition. The "killer app Titanfall" I play on my laptop. That is when I decide to reinstall it because I was bored within a week.

Just go play your Xbox and stop making yourself look like an idiot.

supercpu1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

the spot light should be on sony ..... why are they closing big buildings , selling pc/ viao etc on top of this big names leaving them and joining EA ETC . YES NOT ALL THAT ROSES for sony . i hope they pull out of it we need competition its good .

oh by the way cloud ...when in full swing will put MS a whole generation ahead of sony .... yes this is fact :)

avengers19781690d ago

You sir sound ridiculous, they sold 2 offices buildings they owned, and leased office space to other people, they sold viao because it was unprofitable, people leave gaming studios to work with other gaming studios happens all the time, and not just from Sony. Sony has been reorganizing there business to be more profitable, one of there best products is there gaming division and Playstation so that won't be going any where soon.

And the cloud making XB1 a whole generation ahead is just not going to happen, and not even MS is making those types of claims... Besides that both forza and TitanFall are said to use the cloud, and nothing about either of those games says huge improvement over PS4... No matter how much you want to think the cloud will drastically improve the XB1 it's just not going to happen, you should be thinking more of a 20-30% improvement and be happy to get that.

And let's all remember that both XB1 and PS4 will get better over time

reko1690d ago


yes yes "financial crisis" when you dont have the link to prove it. good job trolling tho ninja troll.

avengers19781690d ago

@lifesagame they haven't banned you yet?

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LGM3131690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

The xbox done cannot do 1080p because of the Developers, developers developers developer, developer developers developers.
- S. Balmer.

And now is singing: The cloud, the cloud, the cloud .
- Phil so sorry Spancer.

JustPlay41690d ago

The cloud bs is getting old, people talk how great it will be, well that in the future not now, lets look at what we have right here right now. As of now ms has nothing to back up there claims, so until that have it working in a game I don't care. Both are working on cloud support just for to different things, Sony is uses for bc and spending most of there time VR which will require really good servers and ms is uses for online servers for there games and in theory, improve x1 game performance. There one differents, Sony is doing for all there systems, ms just care about x1, what 360? Or the PC? They could try and make good game for them why just focus on one when you all better. But that me, I'm fine with my PC and ps3/4/V for exclusives, just stating my thoughts

AceBlazer131690d ago

Is it really a secret weapon at this point?

randomass1711690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Only if it turns out it works as well as they say it would.

Allsystemgamer1690d ago

Which it won't. Lesbehonest. It would REQUIRE an internet connection.

What's gonna happen? Your internet craps out "sorry play you must play this game is crappy resolution and lowered graphics because you cannot connect to the cloud" it better yet

Game must be connected to azure to run.

THAT would be a big no no for many MANY people.

randomass1711690d ago

I don't see why Microsoft would bother hyping the system up if it wasn't intended to work in some sort of capacity. I mean you could be right and it could wind up being crappy, but I'm reserving my judgement for when it's executed. If it sucks then at least we should see it suck before we go jumping to conclusions.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1690d ago

As of now, the M$ cloud could be coded by Nessie and the Sasquatch and it would be as believable as the cloud has the power of 3 X1.

Tech is usually a year away of the E3 it's shown, so the cloud is 1-2 years away and maybe more, don't buy a console based on what this tech COULD do before it's actually in place!

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