Microsoft Faces Real Problem if PS4 Drops to $349, Needs To Decouple Kinect From Xbox One: Pachter

"The Xbox One may have had a troubled history before its launch - with DRM issues, criticism of its indie development policy and so much more - but the console has slowly come in to its own since then."

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shinrock1668d ago

Wow this gamingbolt site like to go in XB1.

Axios21668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Pachter is correct, if you go down the line of exclusives from best selling on down, the #1 360 exclusive trumps the #1 PS3 exclusive and so on down the line.

Price drops are inevitable, MS could absorb a price drop better due to the their solid financial situation.

@ Randomass, just compare game to game down the line

Halo 3...almost 12m
GT5......almost 11m



and so on

@ Aceitman, try to focus on apples to apples comparisons instead of going back to to PS2 and PS1 days.

@ you're comparing an install base of 24m (original Xbox) to 157m (PS2) and also a 100m install base (PS1) to no console from MS between 1995 and 2001, lol you must be desperate to avoid an apples to apples comparison 81m to 81m.

@ Lukas, try reading the article, it will help you stay on topic..."sales" of games.

@Xsilver...All I did was trap the highest selling exclusives from last gen, simple, I don't see you complaining about GT5 from 1996.

randomass1711668d ago

That's a lot of talk. I'd have asked if you had a sort of statistics sheet or some sort of link to back up what you say, but you've used up your last bubble. If Microsoft franchises really do trump Sony franchises, it's the first I've heard of it.

aceitman1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

@axios I leave this here for exclusive outsells ms exclusive
and I don't think sony will drop on price with ps4 as is , I can see sony have a 1TB ps4 with no disc drive for 349$. there in the position to be able to do so for the ones who want download only.
@axios that includes the real xbox 1 the 1st 1 called xbox. so I compared oranges to oranges , not apples so sonys grandturismos life time series has beaten halos life time series. and the proof is in the wiki pudding .

FlunkinMonkey1668d ago

Haha, burn.. Get back in that woodwork. You make 0 sense 100% of the time.

Eonjay1668d ago

No one want to be selling a product at a loss. This is because it eats into other profits. At $399 Microsoft would be losing about $70 per console sold. At 349 Sony would be losing about $30 per console sold. Of course, if they ditch Kinnect they could go $399 and break even.

jebabcock1668d ago

Can n4g just put a ban on pachter based articles. We would all be better off without them...

marlinfan101668d ago


you're bringing up ps2 games. stop reaching

GarrusVakarian1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Hang on, you always make a big show of metacritic scores and act like they are gospel when they suit your argument (best scores coming from X1 retail games). But when you can't say the same thing for last gen, you shift the focus to sales numbers instead. Which is it Axios? Which is more important, sales numbers or meta scores? Or do you just think you can shift between the two when it suits you?

The Last Of Us, Little Big Planet and Uncharted 2 are all rated higher than Halo and Gears on X360 on your beloved metacritic, despite not selling as many copies.....why don't you list those? Why do you think you can get away with shifting the goalposts?

Then....Call of Duty outsells all of those games year in year out, yet it scores less. So what exactly are you trying to prove here?

Man, you really need to stop living by numbers and start playing some games. The best games i played last gen were PS3 exclusives, despite a lot of them not having anywhere near the sales of Halo or Gears, and some of my favourite games on the 360 last gen outsold my favourites on PS3. So what?

First of all, learn to read. I did not say "ps3 exclusives were better", i said, "The best games i played last gen were PS3 exclusives". At least get it right if you are going to quote me.

Secondly, sales are the biggest factor for devs and publishers, not for gamers. The very fact that some peoples favourite games aren't the best selling games in the world disproves your argument. Call Of Duty outsells everything year in year out....yet it's not the best game ever for a lot of people. Sales and metascores can be used a guideline when purchasing a game, definitely, but Axios is flipping from one to the other when it suits him. He's so quick to mention Titanfalls metascore against Infamous SS....but now he only wants to compare sales of last gen games, not scores.

Xsilver1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

i like how you Compare Halo Sales to Uncharted sales even halo tho started on the first Xbox whereas UC series started on PS3 so who do you think has been building up a bigger Fan base over the years Smart Guy :/

marlinfan101668d ago


sales are the biggest factor with any game..

most people don't go to sites like meteoritic and pay attention to the reviews, sales show what games people really want.

and you say "ps3 exclusives were better" like its a done deal. id completely disagree with that. gears and halo are my 2 favorite series of all time. i can still go back and play those games over and over again. TLOU and uncharted on the other hand are good the first or second time through, but thats about it. TLOU has entirely too many cutscenes. as i said in another comment, its like watching movie.

NewMonday1668d ago


that's why you don't quot VGChartz, because you will end up embarrassing yourself.

numbers prove Gran Turismo is bigger than Halo.

GarrusVakarian1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

"@ Lukas, try reading the article, it will help you stay on topic..."sales" of games. "

Another dose of hypocrisy? You go off topic all the time, mentioning numbers that aren't the topic of the article. Completely ignoring the article in favour of burying your head in the sand and talking about something different entirely.

I'm just calling you out on it. You need to stop mentioning either game sales or game scores as factual indications for how good a game is and flip flopping between the two when it suits you. There will always be people who disagree, regardless of metascores or VGChartz sales numbers. Just play some games and stop drooling over numbers all the time, you are supposed to be a gamer. I doubt you even played those PS3 exclusives you just listed the sales numbers of, did you? That is your loss and your loss only.

LackTrue4K1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

the bull5hit that daniel2115 saids..........!!!

"sales are the biggest factor with any game."

if that is the case, then you just killed XboxOne with its lack of

Now, bring up another good excuse about how good XboxOne is again....? lol

sales are more important then how good a game is, Microsoft PR feed all that crap to there loyal fans.

MightyNoX1668d ago

@Daniel: Better is a subjective term. How do you define better? Is it gameplay? Fun Factor? Awards?

Sony's awards put MS' games to shame (incidentally, most of Microsoft's so-called exclusives are 'bought' not made in-house) having won countless BAFTAs, GOTYs and accolades.

Sales-wise, I'll concede that MS's lazily bought exclusives take the cake but when it comes to storytelling, passion, writing and downright heart, Sony's curbstomp the dudebro shooters.

kayoss1668d ago

What you proved to me is... when it comes to exclusives, Microsoft is too reliant on the Halo series.

MysticStrummer1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

There's no reason for PS4's price to drop, since it's easily beating XB1.

Some people will say "…look at the number of territories…" but they forget (or ignore) that at release XB1 was actually out in more territories than PS4 and PS4 still outsold XB1. We'll obviously never know, but I'm pretty sure that if the current territories were reversed PS4 would still be winning, and maybe by an even bigger margin because there wouldn't have been as many supply problems. XB1 is already out in it's strongest markets, and PS is simply a stronger brand worldwide.

Sales never cause one exclusive to trump another, unless you're a shareholder and don't really care about the games themselves, but your examples are telling… The highest selling XB exclusives are from one very popular and casual friendly genre. Give me PS's more varied and award winning lineup any day of the week.

"sales are the biggest factor with any game"

*Solid Snake voice*
Gamers... have changed.

adorie1668d ago

Now attach a marketing budget to each pair of games being compared to balance things out.

scott1821668d ago

lol, move the goalposts again when the figures don't go your way.

aceitman tore your comment to shreds with figures. Even the mighty Halo has been outsold by a Sony franchise.

TH3 GAM31668d ago

So with a 1 year head start of at least 9 million consoles, with more exclusives selling on 360 by your information. It should be a done deal that the 360 dominated the PS3 throughout the generation but that wasn't the case. I wonder why.

Xsilver1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

"I don't see you complaining about GT5 from 1996."

oh yeah I didn't tell you to Compare Halo series to GT series you did that on your own even tho everyone knows the GT series outsells the Halo series :/.

styferion1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I don't think comparing game-to-game separately is doing any justice here.

First, a reason why every gamer choose a console: exclusive games.
PS has more varied exclusive genre, thus people who chose to buy PS has a lot more diverse reason, some buy it for narration-centric games, some for racing, some for JRPG, this in turn causing not every PS owner bought certain genre. XB on the other hand.. if anyone talks about XB exclusives, they're almost immediately think about Halo or GoW. And everyone who chose to buy XB because of its exclusive almost always a shooter fans, thus when the exclusive shooter came out, every XB owner is certain to buy it, leading to bigger sales. Hell, I buy XB solely because Halo and GoW

Second, this is about sales. It's because Sony has more games, thus every release window they have more games to compete than XB. And many PS owners, just like every other single-console owner, can only buy so much game they have to choose between those games, this leading to less sales per game.

If you want to be fair, not a fanboy knight, compare the sales of all games within a certain time limit, for example Summer 2010, or Winter 2011.

SilentNegotiator1668d ago

LOL, spouting off last gen numbers. If you've got nothing positive to say about current gen sales...

fr0sty1668d ago

You're forgetting that PS3 had WAY more exclusives than 360 did, however, so in the end that eliminated 360's lead on sales. People bought that many copies of 360 exclusives because that was all they had to play, they didn't have much other choice unless they wanted multiplats.

1668d ago
Jihaad_cpt1668d ago

Investors will shit on Xbox if Microsoft choose to do that

ghostface91668d ago

hey aceitman your an idiot hes saying the 360 exclusives outsold ps3 exclusives which your chart just proved seeing is how grand turismo sales for ps3 were 17 mill compared to halo games on 360 which was 41 million. You also have to be some kind of idiot to think grand turismo is better sales wise when it has barely over a million sales than halo even with 3 more games out and has been around for 4 years longer. Not that matter anyways cause halo 5 is gonna make the halo series pass grand turismo easily.

corvusmd1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Keep in mind that GT5 (like Kinect Adventures) had inflated numbers being as most of those copies were bundled with the system.

Either way this is a REALLY slow news day if this is what we are talking about. We need more news. Hmm, What if XB1 was $100, then PS4 would be in huge trouble. What if Xb1 starts a subscription service like the phone companies where if you get two years of live you get a system for free? (actually if they did that and charged $200 for the system, that could be a great deal...or even $300. Seriously they should look into this to see if it's feasible. They already have all the infrastructure in place and it would lead to more profit from game sales...which is where all console gaming profit comes'd help boost consumer growth in the beginning of the console cycle)

Father__Merrin1668d ago

your mentioned halo all the time just halo halo halo, just saying!!!

sparta761668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

So basically halo is the only game that can outsell sony exclusives? Lol
Why won't you compare sales of gears and uncharted? They both sold around the same. The only exclusive ms has that sell close to 10 million is halo and the only exclusive sony has the sell close to 10 million is Gt. your post proves nothing

DigitalRaptor1668d ago

@ corvusmd

I'll keep that in mind, as soon as you keep in mind that is completely incorrect. I was going to make a response, but I remember you claiming the same thing and Hicken responded to it:

Stop trying to neutralise everything with falsities, just for the sake of saving face for the brand you love.

hellzsupernova1668d ago

alright for us Sony fans it is a hard truth and most will disagree without an explanation. I will not disagree cause unfortunately you are correct.

GT5 is Sony's best selling game. Sony does not have what Microsoft has. No even Nintendo has what Microsoft has. Halo if it continues to be popular has the potential to push the Xbox one past the PS4 in the USA. I truly believe that the only place Microsoft can now win is the USA.

But then this is opinion not fact.

ShinMaster1668d ago

All I saw was "HALO, HALO and HALO".

Kakashi Hatake1668d ago

Lol who compares Uncharted to Halo. The numbers are way in Sony's favor comparing Uncharted to Gears. Nice try though. Goes to show Xbox is nothing without Halo.

showtimefolks1668d ago


yeh exclusives sold better on xbox 360 because what MS had like 3 exclusives compared to sony who in one year released 10

also why would sony drop the price when ps4's are hard to find, all sony needs to do is delivere on games,games and more games. PSN-Plus is better than xbox live. PSN-Now could be the IT App on ps4 so the way i see it sony doesn't have to do anything

a strong E3 by sony could kill any and all momentum by xbox one. Sony needs to show games that are 2-3 years from released just to say we have a lot of stuff coming

the order 1886
drive club
next uncharted
Last Guardian(Q1 2015)
sony bend's new game
GG's new IP after KZ
and few surprises

Mithan1668d ago

You are correct. Ms exclusives for the 360 sold more than sony on ps3.

It remains to be seen if that will be the case this generation.

P_Bomb1667d ago

TLOU barely had cutscenes for exposition and narrative. It ain't MGS. Vast majority of conversations happen in-game as the characters walk around. The cutscenes generally pop up to show close ups and scenes that involve non-gameplay elements like driving the truck, and even that required gameplay to get it rolling. Anyone who played the game would know this.

replayability remains subjective. I only finished Gears2 and Halo3 one time each. I platinumed all 4 last gen Naughty Dog games though. Can't speak in absolutes that games like TLOU are only good for one or two playthroughs. personally I'd pick a new game+ over collecting skulls that enable impractical anti-cheats. *shrugs*

kenshiro1001667d ago

You tried Axios and yet you failed. Nice try though.

Tiqila1667d ago

yeah, so what? I would not trade a single PS3 exclusive against Halo/Gears or Fable.

And if you go comparing sales side by side you will find PS3 overtake X360 at some point in sales, just because there are so many more high quality exclusive franchises/games on ps3.

Jubez1871667d ago

You have 200 downvotes for saying XB360 games outsell PS3 games. With stating pretty much factual well-known evidence.

When MS drops an exclusive it's a shooter that's accessible to their whole market (most of the time). Sony will come out with a game that's like the greatest game ever but be super niche. Sony also has a Japanese and North American market that play two totally different games. MS just needs to make Americans happy and their games will sell like hotcakes.

I'm the biggest PS fanboy I know, but it's 100% true.

awi59511667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


Xbox 360 gamers did buy more games last gen. The xbox 360 had a higher game attach rate than ps3 gamers that was covered a lot by game sites all last gen just look it up. People should go buy games instead of attacking each other on forums all day hyping up games they have never played.

Ritsujun1667d ago

Don't be afraid to try harder, MS~ :DD

aerisbueller1667d ago

Halo and Gears of War sell so well because those are the only two decent exclusives for the console, so everyone who has a 360 is like FINALLY a good game.

awi59511664d ago


Look at the 1mill+ game sales list the xbox 360 won easily. So what you said about halo and gears isnt true at all.

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Bigpappy1668d ago

If Pachter is so intune with what gamers want, how come none of the 3 major console manufacturers have hired him?

Eonjay1668d ago

Well he is an analyst that caters to publishers. And he works for Wed Bush Morgan so anything else would be a demotion. But its important to take in to consideration his thought. After all, everyone is talking about an Xbox One price drop.

What in the world is going to keep Sony from remaining competitive in price and dropping just $50.

Ausbo1668d ago

Sony will not drop the price. Its selling too well. They dont need to

SilentNegotiator1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

He's an analyst, not a brand manager.
Are you even serious?

I'm not defending Pachter, he's rarely accurate, but your suggestion is ridiculous.

Magicite1668d ago

Theres zero to none reason for PS4 to drop the price, at least not this early into lifecycle.

kayoss1668d ago

The only way Sony will drop the price if they really wanted to 'Put the final nail" into the coffin of Microsoft. If Sony were to suddenly drop the console to $379, it will boost sales and force microsoft to take drastic measures. Example of this is, E3. Sony single handily altered Microsoft's plans for the xbox one, by doing everything opposite.

GameSpawn1668d ago


And with a bit of class, Sony did all that while never once during their presentations mentioning Microsoft directly by name.

E3-2013 was Microsoft's own undoing. It's like they punched themselves in the face repeatedly before the boxing match and Sony tapped them to knock them down for a TKO with very little effort.

At this point Microsoft NEEDS to find a message and STICK to it. They need to LISTEN to consumers and stop telling people what they should want. They tried to tell people they wanted anti-consumerist, draconian, DRM but people spoke VERY loudly at even the RUMOR of such policies and Microsoft forced it down peoples' throats for MONTHS as something they wanted even though they clearly have said otherwise.

Sony LISTENED to these people speaking out against DRM and anti-consumerism and planned their E3 and policies going into the PS4 generation accordingly. Sony is STILL listening to gamers to bring features people want to the console such as HDCP disabling, LED dimming and video editing while also putting certain things such as the camera on the back burner because the lack of demand for camera-based games (the PS4 camera itself only has high demand for broadcasting reasons, not games).

THIS is the difference between Sony and Microsoft and the REASON for Sony being successful. It's amazing what LISTENING can do.

k3rn3ll1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

If sony were to "put a nail in ms coffin" the fans would lose more than they would gain. No one wants to be under a monopoly. A large portion of xbox followers would move to pc. Also once sony realized they had the monopoly and slowed down updates and stopped being "for the gamer" alot of them would switch to pc as well.

if by sony listening to consumers you mean they saw the ms keynote the day before then yea they listened for a day. These drm clauses were pushed by the publishers onto ms and sony. They were both going to do it. That's why the game sharing video of sony was so low production value because it was done hours beforehand. The publishers

Muzikguy1668d ago

@Games It really is amazing what listening can do for a company! I'll admit that I'm not a fan of MS or the Xbox, but they've kept Sony on their toes and I DO like that. What Sony is doing this gen is awesome! I'm excited for this gen. Last gen I was about to throw in the towel lol

ITPython1668d ago

Yeah PS4 price drop would make no sense, the console already fly's off shelves at it is. Dropping the price on a console that gets sold as fast as it can be made would be foolish of Sony.

Plus it wouldn't really bolster the sales numbers any, because Sony can only make so many PS4's a week/month (which all get bought up shortly after they hit the shelves), and that would be the same regardless of how much a price drop it would get.

Price drops are for when they start having trouble moving consoles and the supply outweighs the demand (like with the XB1), and I can't see the PS4 momentum losing speed anytime soon. By 2015 there will be a TONS more exclusives and superior multiplat games for gamers to enjoy. Heck, maybe even Morpheus will be released!

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3-4-51668d ago

* XB1 would have to drop $150 off the price in order to MATCH, a PS4 dropped by $50.

Price would then be

PS4 = $350
XB1= $350

* IF Microsoft dropped the price of the XB1 by $100, it would STILL be $50 more than a PS4 with a $50 price drop.

For Price Dropping, from here on out, PS4 ALWAYS had the advantage until XB1 is the same price, then from that point on, it's fair game.

kayoss1668d ago

Yes, fair game for the consumers, but to Microsoft it's not fair. Because they will be taking a big big lost per console sold. Sony may take a lost but it wont be a big lost compared to Microsoft.

jessupj1667d ago

But even if MS matches Sony for price the PS4 is still a lot more powerful than the xbone.

It's a very bad position MS has put themselves in.

US8F1668d ago

I can;t wait for E3, games games and games. I'm looking forward to what ubisoft shows next, since they surprise us every time. I doubt sony would decrease the price just yet.

Edsword1668d ago

Sony could drop the price as production efficiency and costs for internals should go down. However, there is no need to drop the price right now. I do t see a price drop until after this Christmas, but there will likely be quite a few $399 bundles that include games that still carry a $30 value around Christmas. That being said, I don't think the price drop would mean anything as far as MS is concerned. After all you can buy an XB1 cheaper than a PS4 now if you shop around and get the Titanfall bundle.

TAURUS-5551668d ago

i believe the xbox1 is doomed once the PS4 drops to 349. game over.

HugoDrax1668d ago

It's always Microsoft is doomed from fanboys hahaha. For starters the PLAYSTATION and the XBOX are just side hobbies for both companies. Only gamers make a big deal out of these consoles, as if it's the end all be all for both companies. These companies are not dependent on the success of the xbox or playstation.

-Anyhow, didn't the price of the PS4 just increase in Canada?


-Isn't the PS4 thousands more than the XB1 in Brazil?



Yet everyone is talking about a ps4 price drop to $350. Why? The PS4 is selling well on its own, I don't see a price drop anytime soon. In conclusion, play games and not consoles. I'm getting tired of reading the same doom and gloom articles from fanboys.

turkish411668d ago

no need to wait for ps4 price cut xbox1 already doomed

IaMs121667d ago

PS4 already dropping in price? Wow, seems pretty early if you ask me. Either way though they need games! Both consoles need games! All the games except for a few are this generation versions where I and most people have already played. I will be purchasing one as soon as some more exclusives or new games come out.

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KinjoTakemura1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

From the article a statement made by Michael Patcher?:

“Well, I mean, it’s funny when you say they have the weakest first party(Meaning Sony), because Uncharted, and Infamous, and The Last of Us, I would bet you if you took a single version of those three games, they don’t add up to Halo. And I would say if you take the next three games made by Sony’s first party studios, they won’t add up to Gears of War."

Obviously this guy has never played The Last Of Us. If he did he would have never made such an absurd comment. Comparing Halo and Gears Of War to TLOU? Really? Now i'm beginning to see why the launch of Xbox One went the way it did, because people who have no knowledge of these games and the gaming industry are making decisions based on data, polls, and research.

For example, anyone remember the research that Microsoft did and came up with the silly notion that stories in video games don't matter? That is part of Microsoft's problem. Microsoft is completely aloof and detached from reality. Casual gamers don't spend 100 to 200 dollars a month on gaming, but I guess they didn't get the research memo.

Twilightx71668d ago

The statement is in reference to sales numbers, not game quality. If you take any one of Sony's exclusives, and compare them to a Halo or Gears game, in a one-to-one comparison, Halo/Gears wins almost every time. Nobody is throwing into question the quality of Sony exclusives - they're fantastic. But the historical fact is that the Xbox exclusives were selling more.

Time will tell if that situation flips around now, based on the higher installed base of PS4 vs Xbox One.

KinjoTakemura1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Halo and Gears of War are not comparable to the last of us at any time in this universe. COD has sold more than the last of us, but in general, most people still believe COD sucks. I have played Halo and Gears Of War. Sure they are good games to play, but The Last Of Us is an instant classic in a league far beyond that of Halo or Gears. Understand that TLOU sold 1.3 million in it's first week and has sold more than 6 million copies world wide and it's only been 10 months since it was released. I stand by my original comments, TLOU shouldn't be compared to Halo or Gears. 200 gaming awards has all but guaranteed TLOU's place in gaming history. Halo might be considered historic because of it's total sales numbers, but Gears? NOPE.

pandaboy1668d ago

This is a complete myth about poor selling sony exclusives compared to microsoft. The facts are this:

1.Gran Turismo sells more than Halo
2.Uncharted sells equally to Gears
3.TLOU has already sold 6million units and so is about to pass Gears sales and will likely hit Halo numbers combined with the sales from the PS4 version.

Please stop pretending xbox exclusives sell better. After Halo and Gears there is a massive drop off in exclusive sales for microsoft whereas sony still have games like LBP and God of War hitting 5million plus.

DigitalRaptor1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

@ pandaboy

Thank you for sharing the logic.

Morons will be morons. I can't believe people were called fanboys last gen simply for calling out lying garbage like that. And yet, there are still people that hold that belief.

BlackBusterCritic has a few words for these idiots:

turkish411668d ago

sorry but no if u compare gran tourismo and gears of war tourismo games sells better olso uc2 sells same numbers with gears of war 2 and uncharted 3 sells better than gears of war 3 here uc3 gears of war 3

Kakashi Hatake1668d ago

Gtfo with that. Uncharted sells as much as Gears does. UC3 outsold Gears 3 and UC2 outsold Gears 2. The Last of Us sold as much as Gears. Little Big Planet sold as much as Gears. All MS has that does extraordinarily well is Halo and GT usually sales as much as it. Nice try though. Go to Vgchartz and eat your words.

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Ravenheartzero1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

The thing with that comment is the halo series, gears of war, lost odyssey and Tales of vesperia are the only exclusives I enjoyed on my 360, I'm not even going to list the number of ps3 exclusives I have enjoyed