Steel Series Flux In-Ear Pro Gaming Headset Are Perfect For Any Of Your Media Consumption

The Steel Series In-Ear Flux Pro Gaming Headset is one of the best in ear headsets I used in a long time.

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finito821610d ago

whats the price on these i wonder

Skate-AK1610d ago

$130 for the pro version. $50 for the cheaper pair.

Skate-AK1610d ago

I would never think to use ear buds as a headset.

Holeran1610d ago

At $130 for gaming you would be much better served with the gold series Playstation headset. Great sound, wireless, great mic, all around better money spent, if you are gaming. If you want to use them as ear buds for music then these would serve better.

TGS51610d ago

True but if you were to purchase this headset you can use them for any of you audio devices.

sashimi1610d ago

you can do that with the gold PS headset too since it comes with a standard audio jack for every device out there

danncampello1608d ago

A set costing 100+ its gonna do its magic