10 Upcoming Open World Video Games for 2014 and Beyond

JunkExplorer: In video games, the Open World is most popular and successful genre. Feel free, explore and do whatever you want as different to complete objectives. Here are the 10 upcoming open world game titles for 2014 and beyond for multi platforms. What is your favorite title?

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Lord_Sloth1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Dying Light
The Division

The games that have me the most interested from this list. XXXD

Scrivlar1362d ago

Is it just me or do the Shadow Of Mordor graphics look really poor for next gen? Definitely going to get every one of these though, Although I've heard Mad Max has been pushed back to next year.

AliTheSnake11362d ago

just you. I think they look p[pretty sharp.

thorstein1362d ago

I am starting to wonder about this. Are some people's computers just not up to handling the screenshots or videos anymore?

Seriously, and I am not trying to knock Scriv, but it sure seems that some people are looking at games and claiming that the shots and vids are not as crisp and beautiful as others are.

Think about inFamous, Watch Dogs, Ryse, and other games that have "graphics" controversies.

Scrivlar1362d ago

Hmm fair enough. Maybe thorstein is right it could be my shitty laptop isn't capturing the quality.

SuperBlur1361d ago

My computer can handle these youtube videos just fine and my 27" screen give me crispy clear images.. Shadow Of Mordor looks like a gimped old-gen game , it's not the best looking game that's for sure and there is nothing wrong with that , i'm still gonna give it a shot

Scrivlar1361d ago

There it is! I knew it looked like shit haha, still going to absolutely love it though I love me some LOTR.

DemonChicken1362d ago

Witcher & Cyberpunk .... expecting great things from these titles

porkChop1362d ago

Is Cyberpunk 2077 open world as well?

DemonChicken1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Pretty sure it is

has multiplayer too

so yeah think witcher which is adult based in a sci-fi setting, so hyped =D

thorstein1362d ago

Hope so, thank you for reminding me about this game!!!

Op_Static1362d ago

God that Cyberpunk teaser is so good looking, just everything about it.

FoxHound_1362d ago

The Phantom Pain is shaping up to be incredible.

Foxhound9221362d ago

I agree! It looks amazing!

I like your name, by the way :)

SnotyTheRocket1362d ago


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