The best PS4 Graphics Effects - Killzone Shadow Fall 6 months on

A video which looks at the Killzone Shadow Fall demo level showcased in February 2013, and the graphics effects used which wowed gamers at the time. Six months later are they still as impressive?

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KinjoTakemura739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

Infamous is definitely the game with the best display of graphics. Everything from the way the city of Seattle is laid out, to the ripples in puddles of water when it's raining, to the amazing particle effects from Delsin's Smoke and Neon powers, the effects of the graphics in Infamous are noticeable immediately, while KillZone's effects are mostly in the background and aren't really noticed during gameplay.

RaidensRising739d ago

Two different gameplay styles. Killzone started it all hence why it was shown as the flagship ps4 game and a launch title at that.

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JoGam738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

first of all, gameplay is not graphics. And rather what game was shown first or released first has nothing to do with what "looks" better interms of graphics. Over all I too think infamous looks better. Killzone looks awesome too.

hay739d ago

It's a matter of what you take into consideration.
Infamous had sweet draw distance, nice fidelity and intensity, but Killzone had more confined environments, which were capable of bringing a bit more into our eyes.

Shadow Fall's fidelity was amazing, but all you could do is watch if mostly from distance or during cutscenes. Infamous allowed us to come closer or ignore it altogether.

I personally enjoyed Infamous visuals much more than anything in Killzone, maybe except glass effects, which were jawdropping in Shadow Fall.

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Salooh739d ago

Second son looks gorgeous for an open world. It may be even the best graphics ever for open world right now. But killzone looks better because all the levels look soo detailed because it's not open world.

Angels3785738d ago

This guy uses the term "pre-rendered" incorrectly on several occasions....

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XtraTrstrL739d ago

1 thing I notice the PS4 does really well is motion blur. Infamous is crazy with it.

waltyftm739d ago

Stunning looking game imo, certain spots are breathtaking, i wonder what Guerrilla games are creating next.

anonjohn23739d ago

Killzone was definitely beautiful. Sad that there wasn't much else.

dcj0524739d ago

Yeah the game's graphics and gameplay were superb. Ashamed that the story in the later parts fell flat.

Holeran739d ago

Yes it still impresses me. When you stop and look at some of the smaller effects in the game like something blowing in the wind you can get a true feel of how impressive it is. And a terrific draw distance.

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