PS4 1.7 Firmware Update the “Biggest That Sony Has Ever Made” for Features and Size – Insider

Sony Computer Entertainment has teased that there are more yet unannounced features in firmware update 1.7 scheduled for release on April 30th, which means that the update is definitely pretty big, but according to a reliable industry insider, it isn't just big. It’s the biggest Sony has ever made.

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Cra2yey31692d ago

30th can't come faster....

cyclindk1692d ago

Don't be silly, just fly into another time zone and it will come faster.

saint_seya1692d ago

That was funny, you got a bubble+ from me ^^

Muzikguy1692d ago

Just make sure to fly east :)

zeuanimals1692d ago

The PS3 and PS4 have had some updates that could potentially brick the systems under certain circumstances, and those updates weren't as substantial as this one. I hope Sony tests this new firmware out in every way possible to avoid these possible problems.

DLConspiracy1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Neat, a system update.

Xavy1692d ago

I realy hope that this update won't f** up my PS4. Hope Sony did alot of testing =D

Abriael1692d ago

The funny thing is that we hear people complaining because it didn't come earlier. Then when a patch bricks console, they complain that they didn't test it enough :D

zeuanimals1692d ago

Yup. I'll take delaying it further to make sure it's right, but I'm probably in the minority.

Xavy1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Well its the biggest update yet fron Sony. So i'm little worried =P

Muzikguy1692d ago

I'm surprised being "the biggest update" they didn't just jump to 2.0

GameDev11692d ago


As Abriael said, you complain when Sony delay the update so that it can be done properly and still complain when it comes cause they announced it is big, ridiculous

MeteorPanda1692d ago

l love ps4 and all but l think they are going a bit crazy with how much hype they're giving...over a update, lol

mkis0071692d ago

I kinda like driver and system updates. New functionality and improvements are always cool. As a pc gamer I love Video Card updates.

MasterCornholio1692d ago

I honestly believed people went crazier over the Xbox One updates than the PS4s.

MasterCornholio1692d ago

I meant believe not believed.



Salooh1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Apology is not accept.

I meant accepted .

Sorry. :)

DigitalRaptor1692d ago

This console already has hype, they are just adding to it by putting out gaming-focused updates, and that is why the excitement continues.

Sometimes firmware updates are boring and nothing to get concerned about, but this one looks to be a major one, and shows that they are listening to feedback like hawks.

MeteorPanda1692d ago

why so many disagrees? l'm looking forward to this update too, l'm just not nearly wetting myself like sony wants me to? lol

Silly gameAr1692d ago

You want to see hype over an update? Check any X1 firmware update article dude. That's some pants wetting hype right there.

GameDev11692d ago


I think you are doing all the wetting by yourself. Sony hasn't hyped anything, infact they have been very quiet about this update that we haven't even heard all the features of it 3 days until its release, didn't confirm a release date until recently and only had insiders giving information.

It is their biggest update till date in size, not in hype, you are doing all the hyping yourself

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