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A New Dragon Quest Game is Currently in Development

During the Nico Nico Chokaigi 3 event currently being held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo, Square Enix livestreamed a special episode of the “Dragon Quest X Ultra Coliseum Tournament in Astoltia (More or Less) Playoff of the Strongest” with the series’ Creative Director Yuji Horii, that let slip that the next game of the series is currently being developed. (Dragon Quest XI, Industry, Yuji Horii)

BG11579  +   156d ago
Cool!!!! I can't wait!!!!!
UltimateMaster  +   156d ago
Is DQ10 released in the US on the Wii U?
3-4-5  +   156d ago
F YES! Finally.

I've been waiting for Dragon Quest 11 for about 2 years now, since I first played DQ9 and fell in love with this series.

* 3DS/Vita/PS4 don't care just pick one and make the game please. I'd buy a PS4 for a new Dragon Quest game immediately.
KinjoTakemura  +   156d ago
What systems/platforms will this version be made for? Anyone know?
Abriael  +   156d ago
If anyone knew, you'd think it'd be included in the article.
KinjoTakemura  +   156d ago
Perhaps someone else might know, which is the purpose of asking a question on a news site dedicated to video games...
Inception  +   156d ago
99% if not for WiiU/3DS than for mobile.
RPGrinder  +   156d ago
Definitely going to be 3DS exclusive if history is to be our guide.
DemonChicken  +   156d ago
Man can dream, but I hope that's not the case. Hopefully not some mobile, free to play mmo crap either.

A console sequel is long overdue
SolidGear3  +   156d ago
Wish it was on Vita
PS360WII  +   156d ago
Oh fun more DQ is always a good thing. Shame it does seem like X won't see the light outside of Japan :(

Though it is up in the air as far as what it'll go on system wise. Turn based rpgs seem like you can only find them on handhelds these days so probably 3DS but if they want it on a console PS4 seems to be the likely as the WiiU isn't the big leader as the Wii was and Dragon Quest always goes to the system doing the best at the given moment.

If it does go to the PS4 don't expect any new updates in graphics though as I do believe they said they reached the graphical point they want out of the series way back on VIII.
PaperClichePixel  +   156d ago
Vita, PS3 or 3DS, most logical choices.
porkChop  +   156d ago
I'd be surprised if the next main entry didn't hit current gen consoles. I need DQ on my PS4, Square.
EXVirtual  +   156d ago
Oh man, can't wait.
For how limited the DS was, DQ9 was an incredible game.
Hopefully it's on the PS3, Vita or 3DS. PS4 would be awesome, but it's a very small possibility. Best thing to do is probably make a formal announcement at E3.
ps360owner09  +   155d ago
I can't find the old interview with Yuji Horii but I remember reading somewhere that he said that they don't release Dragon Quest games early on in a console's life cycle they wait a few years to see which platforms are selling the most and they release the game on the best selling console at the time.

This explains why the series in recent history has moved from the ps2 to the ds and then to the Wii. Based on those past comments I think DQ 11 will be on the 3ds. After the next game is released on the 3ds then I think they will start to look at how the current gen home consoles are selling and bring DQ 12 to the home console with the highest installed base which I think will be PS4.
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multiplatgamer  +   155d ago
Hopefully it comes to the right system (not 3DS) and has a memorable story unlike IX. I hope it features wonderful characters like in Dragon Quest VIII and a large third person perspective open world instead. I'm still waiting for a worthy successor to VIII.
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RPGrinder  +   155d ago
The only logical system for DQ is 3DS or mobile. Sony systems do not have the install base in Japan.

They said no mobile, so 3DS is it.

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